Are women really more intuitive than men? | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022

One morning, a man hurriedly went to his garage to proceed to his office. Before backing up the car, he suddenly decided to check and found his neighbor’s 5-year-old sleeping peacefully just behind the car’s tires. Had he not checked, his car would’ve run over the child.

A woman who was about to go to sleep suddenly stood up, and walked over to the room where her baby was sleeping in the crib. The woman moved her baby to the master’s bedroom. It was a nice evening with no weather disturbance. All of a sudden, there was a strong thunderstorm. A chandelier on top of the baby’s crib suddenly fell. The woman couldn’t explain why she suddenly got up and brought her baby to her bedroom.

About 15 years ago, a Filipino woman introduced her new British friend to me in my office. We talked casually about her process of reading people psychically. She said she had to meditate first to quiet her mind before she could make a reading.

I said I don’t do that. I just look at a person and can tell something specific about him or her. She then asked me to read her British companion who was about 55 years old. I told him that he started working at a very early age and that he loved to travel. The man was surprised and said he started working when he was only eight years old by washing the car tires of his neighbors. And it is true that he loved to travel. His friend exclaimed: “I didn’t know that!’’

All the above are examples of intuition, defined as “immediate understanding or knowing something without reasoning.’’

Everybody has intuition. It’s a natural faculty of the human brain, but it’s an elusive thing. It usually comes spontaneously and cannot be summoned deliberately or intentionally. But I believe it can be developed or enhanced to a certain extent.

Like having two brains

The human brain (specifically the neocortex) is composed of two hemispheres. In the 1960s, neurobiologist Roger Sperry discovered that these two hemispheres have different functions. It’s like having two brains instead of one. The left brain is responsible for verbal, thinking and logical reasoning, among other things, and the right brain is responsible for nonverbal, creative and intuitive thinking.

Both sides of the brain, of course, work all the time. But one can be right-brain dominant when singing, dancing or daydreaming, or left-brain dominant when doing mathematical calculations, analyzing things or thinking logically.

Sperry won the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1981, although he was not a physician or doctor of medicine. He was a biologist, but studied and experimented with human brains together with neuroscientists.

Is it true that women are really more intuitive than men? I believe so. And there seems to be some biological or scientific basis for this. According to neuroscience, women have a slightly larger pineal gland than that of men.

The pineal gland is believed to be the seat of telepathy, clairvoyance and intuition. The corpus callosum is composed of some 300 million neurons or brain cells. It connects the right and left hemispheres of the brain. It has been found that the corpus callosum of women is bigger, and matures earlier or faster than that of men.

Why is the pineal gland of men smaller than that of women? Perhaps because men use their pineal gland less frequently then women and, as all men know, any organ that is not used shrinks.

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