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OCTOBER 27, 2022

You can hang multiple artworks.
You can hang multiple artworks.

If you want to hang art on a tile or stone wall that’s difficult to drill a hole in, here’s the solution to your dilemma: Secure your hook from the ceiling instead of the wall.

For what we did here, we used: Grosgrain ribbon, hook for wood (Ace Hardware or True Value), wire (Ace Hardware or True Value), electric drill or hammer and nail

1. Drill or hammer a hole to screw in your hook.

2. Measure wire to your desired length.

3. Secure the wire to the center of your frame’s existing wire and wind it tightly. Secure the other end to the hook on the ceiling.

4. Cut the grosgrain ribbon to double the length of the wire and cover the wire. Knot both ends of the ribbon at the hook’s end. This will cover the wire and give it a more decorative look.

5. You can hang one frame or a series of artworks using this technique. INQ

Screwthe hook into the ceiling.
Attach wire to the frame’s existing hanger.
Grosgrain ribbon
Hang it from the ceiling if it’s hard to drill into the wall.
A hook for wood, and wire