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OCTOBER 27, 2022


Once in a while, you need to take a break from the current news cycle and read up on stories of how others are championing self-care and uplifting each other, which are especially helpful in times of considerable stress and anxiety.


As we continue to give you a glimpse of what your favorite personalities have been up to during self-isolation and share their small wins and recent self-discoveries, we hope these Q&As, albeit brief, will encourage you to make the most of this challenging experience.


During our quick chat with actress (and our perennial fitspiration) Lovi Poe, she quipped, “Getting up every morning morning and being optimistic makes a huge difference.” It’s a simple statement that can change how you spend your days. In a time that makes it easy for us to get sucked into negative dialogues and to fill our minds with unnecessary thoughts, it’s good to be reminded of “how powerful our minds can be.” Keep reading for more of Lovi’s latest musings.


What I miss most are….the things that we do so casually, which are suddenly not to be taken for granted.


As soon as the quarantine ends, I’ll be…giving my family and friends a big hug. Grabbing a few drinks or a cup of coffee to catch up with some friends. And probably head to the beach or just go to a beautiful place just to take in the beauty of life and appreciate what’s given to us.



The five things I realized about myself are…I’ve gotten so used to having a busy schedule that I have so much time in my hands now and my mind’s been drifting. With everything that’s going on, reading the news, posts and hearing opinions left and right, it’s quite hard to digest everything. But when it happens, it suddenly hits you. Anxiety, tension, the feeling of unease. All forms of fear.  That’s when I realized…


1. How powerful our minds can be.

When I kept myself up to date with the news and fed my mind with only the negative things, I tend to absorb it differently—as if the shortness of breath is from complete paranoia or from what I pray isn’t. But one day, I decided to change my state of mind and pull myself out of the darkness— mentally. I  made a conscious effort of being aware of the situation but not feeding my fear. Getting up every morning and being optimistic makes a huge difference.


2. How you can choose to be strong instead of being aggressive.

Situations such as this can unleash so much emotion. The main thing I’ve been seeing around is anger, which is completely understandable. I’ve been feeling it quite often too. But just because the pain we’re going through is valid, doesn’t mean negative actions are acceptable. I try to keep that in mind when I’m in the mood to add fuel to the fire.


3. I’m a loner.

I’ve always been a loner. But now more than ever, I enjoy being with my loved ones when I’m done being in my shell.


I realized that I’ve spent a lot of time worrying about insignificant things



4. We must be kind to one another.

Online. And offline. We all come from different backgrounds and we all react differently. We only understand from our level of perception so maybe we don’t know what’s really going on with a person. When I read something negative, it made me think that maybe this person’s at home feeling miserable, or maybe he or she is misunderstood. Maybe this person needs an outlet. Everyone has their own way of coping. But, we should be responsible of what we say and do both online and offline. It’s easy to post and pass judgment. It’s easy to react without thinking. It wouldn’t hurt if people chose to be kinder or if people would think before they type. And rethink before they click… is it true? Is it necessary? Is it kind?



5. Everything that has happened is a wake up call.

I realized that I’ve spent a lot of time worrying about insignificant things. There are bigger things out there that need everyone’s time, effort and energy. We never know if tomorrow is promised to us, so let’s concentrate on things that truly matter: relationships, health, healing, humanity.


Cover image: Photo from @lovipoe


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