‘Safe space’ to disinfect shoes | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022

See to it that shoes are properly disinfected.
See to it that shoes are properly disinfected.


Now that we’re more settled, more accepting of prolonged quarantine and more aware of the need for social distancing, perhaps we could be more organized in making “safe spaces” in our homes.

By safe spaces, we mean providing a small transition between outdoors and indoors. This means allowing for a space where one could “disinfect” one’s shoes before bringing them inside.

Perhaps one could position a small chair and table by the front door. To make them more appealing, they could be put atop a printed rug that should be disinfected regularly. Or one could cover the rug with a plastic sheet that one should spray with disinfectant liberally and regularly. Of course put the disinfectants on the table so that those who enter the house could disinfect their shoes and leave them there.

Items needed: Chair, small table; small trash can lined with a plastic bag, to throw used masks and gloves; coat rack or anything where one could hang clothing; and disinfectants and disposable gloves.

Basic items for disinfecting could be placed on a sturdy, level tray. One could disinfect when entering or leaving the house.


Put disinfectants on a tray atop the table.


Provide disinfecting wipes and gloves.


Create a safe transition space between outdoors and indoors.