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Linda Ley: “My son wanted lemonade so I set up something special for himto brighten his day.”

Lockdown Diaries: ‘After dinner, we pray the rosary’

Linda Ley: “My son wanted lemonade so I set up something special for himto brighten his day.”


(10th in a series)

Linda Ley, socialite

This lockdown has given me more time to do the stuff closest to my heart.

I wake up early each morning to greet and play with Dagz (our baby schnauzer). Once Dagz is happily satisfied with our playtime, I proceed to prepare our meals for the day. It’s what I look forward to the most.

My family members take their hot meals separately, which gives me enough time to try different presentations and serve the food the way they like it best. I ask them what kind of meals they prefer the night before and try to do surprise cooking the next day.

Like most self-taught wannabe chefs, I have, through the years, dabbled in various Asian, Mediterranean, American and Chinese cuisines. It’s still a learning process for me up to now.

Ley’s baby dog Dagz giving out free lemonade


With all this free time, I can finally spend time on my summer theme for our kitchen. For flowers I chose the sunflower for what it represents: the sun and happiness. I also added accents such as birds, fruits, particularly lemons for their bright yellow color and shape, plus various knickknacks I have collected from our travels.

After dinner, we gather and pray the Rosary. I also find time to text and talk to relatives and friends, making sure that everyone’s safe.

This pandemic has shown me the best traits of human beings. I try to support my friends and organizations who are helping by promoting awareness and raising funds during this crisis.

Big thanks to all our front-liners who continue to tirelessly protect and serve each and everyone of us. God bless all of them.


Harold Geronimo still works from home, but now has time to watch Netflix.


Harold Geronimo, senior AVP and head of public relations and media affairs, Megaworld Corp.

Waking up at 8 a.m. every day is a gift. Under normal circumstances, I couldn’t do this on weekdays.

I now have time to finish all seasons of popular Netflix series and movies, though I still spend most of my weekdays working.

I never thought that the quarantine period would be as busy as a normal working day. I have been doing video call meetings, monitoring the news, writing and editing circulars and publicity materials, taking phone calls from bosses and colleagues, and crafting presentations.

During my spare time, I still do some readings online and do some home exercises. In between all of these, I also make sure to spend some time to meditate and pray. —CVM