This Upscale Southern Village is the Perfect Home for Fitness Enthusiasts | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022

Does your neighborhood help you be in top shape? Take a look at how this upscale village in the South does it for future residents.

When it comes to finding a good neighborhood, the smart home buyer knows the holy triad of promising home life: accessibility, security, and community. The modern buyer, however, looks for one more thing: active-lifestyle support. People are now more fitness conscious, and they seriously consider how a residential area can help them be in the best shape possible.

It’s not just a question of how near the gym is from the dream house. It’s whether or not there’s a fitness center inside the very community it’s in.

In urban areas, only a few residential enclaves cater to this modern home buyers’ need. Perhaps one of the most known in the market today is Trava, the first high-end development of Greenfield Deluxe, Greenfield Development Corporation’s luxury brand. Future residents are able to sustain their active lifestyle because of the amenities the community offers.

Here are some of the outdoor activities you can enjoy when you make Trava your home:

Swim like a pro

Known for being the best full-body workout, swimming improves cardiovascular endurance, strengthens muscles, builds muscle mass, and burns a lot of calories. At the same time, it’s therapeutic for the mind. Just imagining swimming through the calm, cool water is enough to get you in a pleasant mood.

Trava’s clubhouse will provide residents with a kiddie pool, an adult pool, and a lap pool. This means two things. First, if you want to be more serious about your swimming workouts, you can level up your routine by training at the long, narrow pool. Secondly, if you want to encourage your kids or grandkids to pick up the swimming hobby, you can take them with you in one of your sweat sessions and start them young on the kiddie pool.

Bike through the village

It’s the most popular weight-loss routine, and for a good reason: it helps you burn a lot of calories even with just a kilometer or two of uphill exercise. Several studies also show that cycling can reduce the risk for adult diseases, including stroke and heart attack because it improves heart and lung health. Moreover, it’s one of those exercises you can easily include in a busy schedule, especially when your home is just a block away from your office.

If cycling is your favorite exercise, then you’ll love the dedicated bike lanes in Trava roads and streets. In fact, you will probably find yourself riding instead of using your car when going around the village once you experience the fresh air in Sta. Rosa and bask in the sight of tree-lined roads. Encourage your tweens to ride with you, too.

Go on a 3-on-3

Before becoming an entertaining sport, basketball is, at its core, an aerobic workout. It improves endurance, enhances body coordination, and strengthens muscles. Of course, it burns calories; an hour of game can reduce 600 – 750 calories.

You can get all these fitness benefits as you play 3-on-3 with your children at Trava’s clubhouse basketball court. If you have younger kids, you can teach them fun drills, like shooting free throws, passing the ball, and dribbling. Guaranteed, the sweat session and the fun bonding will release the tension of a long, hard day.

Have an intense tennis match

Aside from strengthening bones and improving muscle tone, playing tennis speeds up reaction times and reduces blood pressure. It doesn’t stop there — it boosts brainpower. The game basically demands strategic and tactical thinking in a short amount of time, so the brain gets an exercise, too. It’s a full-body (and mind) workout, really.

For future residents of Trava, a tennis match every weekend (or every day, actually) is possible. The clubhouse has a tennis court that you and your amigas can play at. When you’re done with the match, extend the fitness session at the gym nearby.

Do yoga every morning

Yoga does wonders for the body and mind. It reduces lower back pain and headaches, and even relieves arthritis symptoms. Moreover, it improves flexibility and increases muscle tone and strength. The meditative factor also contributes to a calm, free mind.

Trava dwellers will enjoy these benefits of yoga in pocket parks if they want to take their routines outdoors. The eco-friendly, sustainability-oriented residential enclave has verdant, open spaces all throughout, so you have lots of options for where you want to lay your mat.

While accessibility, security, and community are good must-haves when searching for your next neighborhood, it’s probably worth adding active-lifestyle support in your list of priorities. Will your dream neighborhood make it easy for you to be in good shape? Perhaps it’s time to consider Trava.