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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Atypical online class (clockwise from top left): Juana Manahan- Yupangco, Giselle Yujuico, Lilianna Manahan, Erin Menk and trainer Mitch Felipe-Mendoza

(Last of two parts)

Tessa Prieto Valdes, Lifestyle columnist and interior designer

I’m actually more fit now than ever because with this quarantine, I am able to work out for at least two hours a day. Prequarantine days were busy, too, with Bikram yoga, Zumba, running and swimming, but only if my schedule was free. Now I am able to do yoga daily and all online, and also a lot of dance videos, too. I didn’t realize how many versions of stretching and dance videos there are on YouTube.

Thanks to Zoom, we are able to continue our #Zbabes Zumba classes with teachers Robby and Prince three times a week. I started boxing with my son. He has a lot of equipment, but it could be done with no equipment—just throw punches and do foot work. I started biking again on my bike trainer. Since I stopped joining triathlons, I hardly run and bike, but now I am able to train again!

Atypical online class (clockwise from top left): Juana Manahan- Yupangco, Giselle Yujuico, Lilianna Manahan, Erin Menk and trainer Mitch Felipe-Mendoza

Audrey Brandenberger, marketing production coordinator

I work out with my trainer online three days a week for about an hour, and those days drive me to do workouts on other days. I try to squeeze in stretching workouts like Pilates and yoga on other days, or whatever workout is available on Instagram live.

I try to move around, even if it’s just going to the balcony or the kitchen. I leave dishes on the table, so I have to go back to them in the middle of the afternoon.
I have a food journal that I started before the quarantine. This helps me keep track of my food intake and limit my consumption. It also helps me keep tabs on the days of the week.

For weights, I use two one-liter water bottles filled with tap water. They are weird to hold, but they do the job. For a stepper, I have a small wooden stool. I also use the edge of my bed for some workouts.

I try to schedule my days. I assign eight hours for work from home (which keeps the majority of my days busy), and then the rest of the day I spend doing meal prep and some chores around the house to also get some movement in.

I also do some extra design drawings and try to learn a new beauty skill, like DIY manicure/pedicure, or I use a face mask.

Rosan Cruz with a gong

Rosan Cruz, Kundalini yoga teacher, urban energy healer

I do Kundalini yoga and meditation every morning. I live in a flat and can’t move around much, so I added a fitness routine by signing up for coach Francis Capati’s 30-day challenge. He gives a WOD (workout of the day) every day via Viber. For his classes, I use a two-liter water bottle as weights.

I’ve included a lot of Pranayama breathing exercises in my yoga routine. This is the fastest way to clean out toxins in the body and strengthen the immune system. My favorite is the “inner sun” Pranayama, which is considered an advanced immune therapy that hits viruses and bacteria. I’m a yoga teacher at Rebel Yoga and filmed a segment for them.

I’m so thankful for technology. I’m now teaching Kundalini yoga classes at home over Zoom, and hold workshops on Saturdays.

Malou Fores working out while her dog, Harry, looks on.

Malou Fores, restaurateur, owner of Mamou, Recovery Food and CDP

I eat healthy, with many anti-inflammatories like garlic, turmeric and ginger. I also drink lots of juices high in vitamin C. Every day, I make sure I sleep well. To stay active, I do weight training, cardio, yoga and meditation to calm the mind. Plus, I maintain a good hygiene regimen.

Ruby Gan doing mountain climber

Ruby Gan, businesswoman

I am a member of both Kerry Sports and TLC Fitness, so I follow the video classes on their YouTube channel or do the WOD posted by TLC, which is a different program six days a week.

What I do right now are body-weight exercises since I don’t have any equipment at home, save for a pair of 8-lb dumbbells. This can be frustrating since I tend to look for those pumped muscles after lifting. However, I also understand that what is important at the moment is to be able to move, to keep those joints lubricated, and to keep that heart rate up.

I am thankful that TLC has a different program every day. Out of the six days, one day is for recovery, so you get to work on your mobility. I am also glad that apart from Kerry’s usual HIIT (high-intensity interval training program), they also offer Gentle Flow Yoga and Power Yoga. These various exercise programs target different muscles, so I am extremely happy.

Thankful that I haven’t had to use any household item yet. But if in the future, there will be a need for squats with weights, I will not hesitate to stuff a gym bag with books or other things to make it heavy.

Tanya dela Paz, upper left, during her online workout class

Tanya dela Paz, HR director

Being motivated to work out during the ECQ (enhanced community quarantine ) can sometimes be a challenge, but I use some hacks that help me push myself. One thing I do is change into workout clothes every morning to help set the tone for the day. Second, I have a daily step goal in my Fitbit that challenges me to move around. Third, I work out with my husband, and having a partner with the same fitness goals helps me not to fall into a slump. I’m also lucky to have a trainer that I do Zoom workouts with twice a week, which is a huge stress reliever. The importance of having a healthy lifestyle is highlighted now more than ever, and I cannot emphasize enough the importance of exercise. INQ

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