Make your own feel-good hand sanitizer | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022

Always shake the bottle before spritzing.
Basic ingredients are alcohol and witch hazel or vodka.

This recipe is not accredited by any health department, and we are not claiming that this will kill or destroy any virus. The ingredients recommended are known to have disinfecting properties.

Proper handwashing is still recommended.

This hand sanitizer is for times when you need an immediate fix to clean your hands when soap and water are not readily available.


60 ml spray bottle

1 Tbsp


Option: 5-6 drops of vitamin E to help moisturize your skin.

Filtered, distilled or boiled water—amount to be determined after you mix the other ingredients.

2 Tbsp of alcohol, 70 percent or more.

1 Tbsp of either of the two following ingredients: vodka that’s 40-45 percent alcohol (but do note that vodka will make your hands dry), or witch hazel (has low antimicrobial properties but still a good germ buster, and will help keep your hands nourished).

Choose essential oils with antibacterial properties.

Essential oils: Choose one or mix your own potion. We recommend using oils that also have antibacterial and germ-killing properties: Tea tree oil is known for having properties that kill bacteria; lemon oil and orange oil have natural disinfecting properties; peppermint is known for having properties that kill bacteria.

We recommend the use of reputable essential oil brands. Our choice is Young Living because they are tried and tested. If you are not sure about the essential oils you have access to, test first on a small portion of your hand for several minutes to see if there will be any allergic reactions.


First disinfect your spray bottle, teaspoons and funnel with hot water, use rubber gloves to protect yourself.

Use the funnel and fill your spray bottle with:

2 Tbsp of alcohol

1 Tbsp of vodka or witch hazel

3-5 drops of the oils you wish to use; put more or less drops depending on the concoction you wish to use.

Optional: 5-6 drops of vitamin E

Mix all of the ingredients above by closing your spray bottle. Give it a few shakes to ensure everything is mixed together well.

Open the spray bottle, use the funnel to pour the water up to the neck.

Clear packing tape over paper makes a nice label.

Close the bottle again and give it a good shake.

You may leave bottle for a few hours before using just to further cure the mixture.

We recommend that before you spritz your hands, shake the bottle a few times.

Tip: Make your disinfecting bottle spray more special by making your own label.

You can print out a nice label on sticker paper using a printer or handwriting it yourself.

Always shake the bottle before spritzing.

If you don’t have sticker paper on hand, cut a piece of paper and use clear packing tape to act as a protective cover over your label. INQ