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Rico Hizon (rightmost) with son Migo and father Jose

He’s the reason I left my career abroad

CNN Philippines senior anchor and director of content development Rico Hizon on dad Jose Hizon

Rico Hizon (rightmost) with son Migo and father Jose

During the enhanced community quarantine, I would call my dad around three times a week and check on him. He’s not a spring chicken anymore, haha! He’s 92 years old, but still very sharp. But sometimes he forgets his age and still thinks he’s young, so he does things on his own instead of calling for assistance. To this day, he remembers my utang to him. That’s how sharp and lucid he is.

During the lockdown, because we live near each other, I would visit him around once a week with social distancing. As much as I wanted to hug him, I also had to remember that he’s 92.

My dad Jose Hizon is a very kind and positive person. He was a key reason I decided to leave my international broadcasting career after 25 years overseas, come home and be around him. I also wanted my son Migo to know his lolo better, and learn the lessons my dad taught me when I was growing up—being respectful, working hard and persevering in all the things that I do. I’m blessed to be home and have a good job with CNN Philippines.

To God be the Glory. Wishing my dad the best of health and more happy years to come. Love you, Daddy! Happy Father’s Day! —Alya B. Honasan

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