Nikko Natividad, Banat By engage in a word war over ABS-CBN, mañanitas and 'paid by' collaborations | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022

nikko natividad banat by
Nikko Natividad (L), Banat By. Images: Instagram/@hashtag_nikko, Facebook/Byron Cristobal

Hashtags member Nikko Natividad and Mocha Uson’s manager Banat By have been engaged in a word war on social media recently. Their spat apparently emanated from a comment by Natividad on Twitter on July 20 where he chided Banat By (real name: Byron Cristobal) to take a jab at the mañanita.

“K*pal tong si ‘BANAT BY’ lahat daw binabanatan nya at walang inuurungan. Dahil binanatan nya yung pag titipon sa abs. Kung wala ka talagang kinakatakutan baket [di] mo banatan yung nag mañanita,” Natividad said.

(This “BANAT BY” is a jerk, he supposedly criticizes anyone and is unflinching, because he attacked the gathering for ABS-CBN. If you really do not fear anyone, why don’t you attack those who attended the mañanita?)

“Hahalik ako sayo ‘BANAT BY’ kung lahat kaya mo tirahin. Sa totoo lang tayo,” he added.
(I will kiss you “BANAT BY” if you can attack everyone. Let’s get real.)

The next day, in his Twitter account @BanatByOfficial on July 21, Uson’s manager lashed out at Natividad. He called Natividad “kadiri” (disgusting), someone he won’t allow to kiss him, and sneered that he surely can’t have sex with everyone because he only has sex with women.

Natividad afterwards retorted by addressing the kissing part of Banat By’s reply and coming up with a new nickname for the Uson manager. He said, “Ewan ko ba. Sa lahat ng lalaki ikaw lang gusto ko halikan. Balita ko kasi mayaman [ka daw] kaya naatract ako kasi nga “BAYAD BY.”

nikko natividad banat by
Nikko Natividad (L), Banat By. Images: Instagram/@hashtag_nikko, Facebook/Byron Cristobal

(I don’t know. Of all the guys, I just want to kiss you. I heard you’re rich, and that’s why I’m attracted to you, exactly because “BAYAD BY” [paid by].)

Just today, July 22, Natividad posted a clip of Banat By’s show where he was invited by Banat By for a showdown.

“Bibigyan kita ng airtime. Since gusto mo naman mag-collab, sige patulan kita. Nikko Natividad, e-mail mo lang ako [email protected] Iinterbyuhin kita. Ano ‘yung pinaglalaban mo sa buhay mo? Bibigyan kita ng airtime,” Banat By said in the clip.

(I will give you airtime. Since you want to collaborate, I will pay you some attention. Nikko Natividad, just email me at [email protected] I will interview you. What are you fighting for in life? I will give you airtime.)

At this point, Natividad came up with another retort: “Idol BAYAD BY. Lugi po ako sa airtime. Dapat po hati tayo sa kasi dame nag sesend sayo sa mga video mo. Sige po hindi ko na kayo lalandiin maselan po pala kayo. Ingat po ‘BAYAD BY AND SELL.'”

(Idol Bayad By. I am at a disadvantage when it comes to airtime. It should be equally divided between us because there are so many people sending you videos. Alright, I will not flirt with you anymore since you’re too picky. Take care, Bayad [paid] By and sell.)

Will Banat By hit back? It remains to be seen if Uson’s manager will allow Natividad to have the last word. JB


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