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Protein Power: The Plusses of Quality Pork

While growing up, a lot of us have been conditioned to associate baboy (pig) with a lot of negative things. Whether it’s in the television, in a household, or someplace else, we have heard some people use baboy as a derogatory term. In the Filipino context, it mostly meant poor health or poor hygiene. Even if the times are changing and despite more people learning what we now call a positive body image, the connotation around pork seems to be left behind.

But contrary to this common notion, pork is in fact a very healthy option depending on the quality and kind of cut you consume. Top quality pork can be obtained from livestock raised in a stress-free environment. Pilmico, the Aboitiz Group’s integrated food and agribusiness unit, utilizes updated technology that implements stringent biosecurity, sanitary measures, automated feed and temperature control, among others. These are complemented by on-site veterinarians who see to it that pigs’ proper growth is ensured.

Pilmico is also a producer of high-quality animal feeds, which is also used in all its farms. Backed by experience and years of research to achieve the best formulation for pig nutrition, quality is ensured throughout all the phases of the pigs’ growth.

Pork often gets a bad rap, especially when it comes to eating healthy. But when raised following top quality standards, there could be more to it that your favorite “guilty” ulam. Here are five surprising health benefits of eating pork:

1. Improved Heart Health Compared to Other Meats

Culinary tradition classifies pork as white meat, as it has a pale color both before and after cooking. A popular campaign launched in the late 1980s promoted pork as a lean meat alternative, and to this day, pork is still known as “the other white meat”. What’s more, studies have shown that there is no direct cause-and-effect link between eating pork and diseases like cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer, or death. As it is with everything, a moderated amount of high quality lean pork in your diet shouldn’t lead to health problems, versus other kinds of meat.

2. Better Workouts

Working out is a necessary component of living healthy, as there are many benefits that come with living an active lifestyle. In order to reach optimum fitness levels however, your diet should be supplemented with healthy options to ensure ideal performance. Pork has plenty of nutrients such as taurine, beta-alanine, and creatine which improve mental focus, recovery, and muscle growth, respectively. Rather than getting them from supplements, a well-balanced diet that contains these nutrients is best.

3. High Quality Protein

Pork is one of the best sources of high-quality protein, which is an essential nutrient for the human body. It helps us maintain healthier skin, nails, and hair, as well as build muscle. If you’re dieting or monitoring your weight, high-quality protein also helps in maintaining lean body mass. Pork also contains high concentrations of amino acids, which are the end-products of broken-down proteins. If you are looking to increase your muscle mass, you need to up your intake of protein, and pork is an ideal source. It can also accelerate recovery from injury or surgery.

4. Trimmable Fat

Compared to other types of meat, pork fat is trimmable, which means you can help control the fat intake your body gets. Choose parts with minimal visible fat such as tenderloin, sirloin roast, and loin chops. The method of cooking can also help control fat, so stick to low-fat cooking methods like grilling and steaming. Choose thin or lean cuts of pork from a quality source.

5. Rich in Vitamins

Pork is rich in essential vitamins and minerals, such as vitamins B6 and B12, and the mineral selenium. Vitamin B6 is crucial for your body to generate red blood cells, as well as in regulating the nervous system and maintaining ideal cognitive ability. It helps inhibit anxiety, according to various studies, as well as other brain dysfunctions. Vitamin B12 helps to improve brain function and blood formation, and is commonly found in animal products like pork. Selenium as well ensures that your thyroid glands function properly.

All in all, pork is a fantastic choice when it comes to healthy eating. Its mild flavor as well as general ease of preparation solidifies its place as a staple of home cooking all over the world. It is versatile and can easily adapt to various cuisines, recipes, and textures depending on the cut you choose.

The Good Meat, Pilmico’s meats online shop prides itself in bringing top-quality pork cuts and eggs that are guaranteed safe and farm-fresh. From Pilmico’s farms to your doorsteps, stringent processes are in place to make sure that the animals are raised stress-free, fed with top quality Pilmico feeds, and cared for by top in-house veterinarians. These ensure that The Good Meat’s products are delivered with consistent and precise quality every time you order.

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About Pilmico

Pilmico Foods Corporation & Gold Coin Management Holdings are the integrated agribusiness and food companies of Aboitiz Equity Ventures, Inc. (AEV). In May 2019, Pilmico International acquired a full stake in Gold Coin. To date, this is the largest investment in the Asia-Pacific region in their shared history.

Pilmico is comprised of four divisions: Flour, Feeds, Farms, and Trading; enabling growth to its partners through its consistent quality products and unparalleled supporting services. Meanwhile, Gold Coin is a pioneer in animal nutrition and the manufacturing of scientifically-balanced animal feed in Asia.