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OCTOBER 27, 2022

liza dino ig
Image: Instagram/@lizadino

Liza Diño-Seguerra, chairperson and CEO of the Film Development Council of the Philippines, visited veteran actor John Regala whose condition she heard about.

Describing her meeting with Regala as “an afternoon well spent,” Esguerra narrated how she came to know of the actor’s predicament, posting some photos of her meeting with Regala on her Facebook account on July 30.

“I got a call from kuya Reb Belleza to ask me to see Mr. John Regala so yesterday I visited him at his place to check on his condition and extend our support,” Esguerra shared.  “Since 2015, he has been under the care of Iglesia Ni Cristo where he is a member and up to now, they have been looking after his well-being.”

During the visit, Esguerra was Regala’s friends, actress Nadia Montenegro and talent manager Aster A. Amoyo, who were also there to reach out and provide him with the assistance he needs.” She was also told that actor “Chuckie Dreyfus helped in gathering support for kuya John.”

Regala, who is suffering from liver cirrhosis, has recently asked for help after a netizen posted a photo of him on social media where he looked frail and sick. One of the first ones to give him assistance was TV host Raffy Tulfo who pledged P100,000 cash. Esguerra marveled at how fast showbiz personalities are giving out help for the beleaguered actor.

“It’s so incredible to see industry people come together to help one another in times like these. Kahit may kanya-kanyang priorities, basta sa panahon ng krisis, nandyan tayo para sa isa’t isa,” she said. (Even though they have their own priorities, showbiz people are there for each other.)

liza dino ig
Image: Instagram/@lizadino

Esguerra was “happy to share that Kuya John is OK but he requires medical assistance.”

“Arrangements were made to address his immediate needs, which includes regular visits by the doctor to provide him with IV fluids to keep him hydrated and nourished since his liver problem makes him lose his appetite,” she said.

Film industry cooperation needed

Calling the experience “truly humbling,” she related it to her being head of FDCP for almost four years. She spoke out that she “has never stopped working to serve the film industry and the country since day one,” but she feels that “it’s still not enough”.

“Ang dami pa ring kailangang gawin at sistema na dapat iimplement para matulungan ang LAHAT ng sector at workers. Ang daming kailangan ayusin,” she said. (There are so many things that still need to be done and a system needs to be implemented to help all sectors and workers. A lot has to be fixed.)

“Sanay pa rin ang lahat sa kanya-kanya at paghihilahan pababa (We’re used to going our own ways and bringing each other down),” she noted. “I hope we can find common ground so we can work together. The film industry is an ecosystem, and we need all the sectors working together to thrive.” JB


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