John Regala to be released from hospital today | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022

John Regala
Image: Facebook/@carl.cyruz.7, @asteramoyo

Against the hopes and advice of his concerned friends, veteran actor John Regala is going to check out of the National Kidney and Transplant Institute today.

This was revealed by veteran entertainment writer Aster Amoyo in her Facebook post last night, Aug. 11.

“If we are to be followed, we wanted actor John Regala to stay in the hospital for a few more days but he insisted in checking out tomorrow (Aug. 12) and we have no choice but to give in to his request to go home,” Amoyo said after posting three photos of the actor while inside his room.

“We have to admit that John is not a cooperative patient and we can only do so much,” she mused.

When queried by this writer via Messenger to why the veteran actor wanted to get out of his confinement, Amoyo said, “Napaka-restless niya sa loob ng hospital (he is restless in the hospital) considering nasa private room siya (he is in a private room) with ref and TV plus isang kasama (one company).”

John Regala
John Regala. Image: Facebook/@carl.cyruz.7, @asteramoyo

But nonetheless, Amoyo is “praying that we are still able to continue helping him,” although she noted that “we also have our own limitations.”

Regala was taken to the hospital Aug. 4 after complaining of extreme pain. He has liver cirrhosis and is also suffering from gout.

His friends from showbiz, actors Chuckie Dreyfus and Nadia Montenegro, along with Amoyo, have opened a crowdfunding campaign for the actor. JB


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