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6 Reasons Why You can Kitakits with McDo Safely

Let’s be honest—when the country underwent strict quarantine measures early this year, one of the first things we craved are our mouthwatering favorites at McDonald’s. It may be their Big Mac, Chicken McNuggets, or their freshly-cooked World Famous French Fries, partnered with a large Chocolate Hot Fudge Sundae—these are the quarantine comfort food we all need.

Now that quarantine guidelines have eased, we can now choose to dine in, take out, or order via delivery all of our McDo goodies, and kitakits with McDo still has that same feel good moment any time of the day.

Here, we list down the six reasons why you can kitakits sa McDo safely:

No. 1 – When McDo employees are safe, we are too

McDonald’s believes that the safety of its customers begins with the safety of its employees, which is why crew and managers are required to accomplish a daily health check form and have temperature checks before and after shifts; their hands and footwear are sanitized and disinfected upon entry to stores; and they must wear face masks, face shields, and hand gloves. They also wash their hands every 30 minutes during their shifts.

McDonald’s provides all of its employees with M SAFE Care Kits, which include essentials such as face masks, hand sanitizers, gloves and Vitamin C.

No. 2 – We’re lovin’ McDo’s store entry protocols

McDonald’s stores limit the number of customers allowed inside to ensure physical distancing for everyone. Customers will undergo temperature check, hand sanitation, footwear disinfection, and the filling out of the health check form before entering. Of course, masks are required for everyone entering and physical distancing is always observed.

No. 3 – You can order your food without worry

For customers ordering at McDo store counters, floor markers are provided for queuing to ensure physical distancing. Counter shields are installed for added protection, and self-order kiosks are sanitized after every use. Once payment has been made, dine-in customers are requested to wait in the dine-in area and orders are brought to the table by a crew member—they really go the extra mile to keep you safe! For customers with take-out orders, there is a dedicated waiting area separate from the dine-in area, ensuring physical distancing for all customers.

No. 4 – Dining in at McDo will make you feel safe

While inside McDo stores, chairs and tables in dine-in areas are marked to observe physical distancing. Table shields are likewise installed to make sure customers can enjoy their favorite McDo meals without worry. Handwash and restroom areas have visual cues that prompt physical distancing, and commonly touched surfaces undergo frequent sanitation and disinfection.

No. 5 – They have a dedicated Safety Manager

Here’s another thing we are loving – all McDo stores have a dedicated safety manager that will ensure all safety guidelines are implemented. Every 30 minutes, the safety manager goes around to offer hand sanitizer to all customers. You can feel good knowing that whenever you eat inside a McDo store, there will be that one person whose sole purpose is to make sure you are safe.

No. 6 – ‘No-Touch’ means they care

McDonald’s implements a No-Touch policy for all of its drive-thru, take-out, pick-up, and McDelivery facilities. Crews make use of different trays for payments and orders for drive-thru, take-out, and pick-up customers. For McDelivery, riders also undergo regular temperature checks, hand sanitation, and are required to wear face masks and shields and hand gloves. McDelivery bags are sanitized before and after every delivery. Your order even comes with a temperature slip that has the temperature of the rider and the crew who prepared your food.

With its No-Touch policy, McDonald’s stores also offer a cashless payment option available for dine-in, take-out, pick-up, drive-thru, and McDelivery.

With all of McDonald’s safety guidelines in place, we are assured that we can still enjoy our favorite McDo meals with loved ones and friends during this time, and we are definitely lovin’ it! Check out your nearest McDonald’s store today or order via www.mcdelivery.com.ph (PS: free delivery fee until August 31!).