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Edgar Allan with lockdown creations

Edgar Allan paints, sews through lockdown

Edgar Allan with lockdown creations

When Makati-based fashion designer Edgar Allan decided to put away his scissors and measuring tape to retire at 67 in 2017, he picked up his paint brush to resume painting, which he had long set aside. But it seems he has never left fashion design altogether, if only to cut and sew clothes for his two Nanasai mannequins.

Because of the lockdown, Edgar Allan has had much time to stay in his studio painting, designing and sewing clothes. He sews mainly by hand and uses the sewing machine only when it is really required, like attaching sleeves and seams.

He bases his designs on famous personalities or the gemstone of the month. It’s a “halo-­halo” of styles, colors and motifs, he said. The result is a kaleidoscope of designs which provides a deep sense of fulfillment.

He’s hopeful the difficult pandemic situation will pass. But whatever happens, the old and “new normal” for Edgar Allan have always been design and creativity.

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