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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Delicious “longganisa” from Dhe’s Kitchen
Delicious “longganisa” from Dhe’s Kitchen


Because of the pandemic, many cooking hobbyists have made their specialties into a full-blown business. I am blessed to have tried the dishes of these new cooks.

But my nightmare starts when friends or even relatives make me try something they made. If I feel it’s worth sharing with my readers, I either post it or even write about it. But if I feel otherwise, it breaks my heart to let the cook know of my feedback. Some appreciate the feedback, others are hurt.

I got a message from my friend Mone about her coworker from Saudia Air wanting me to sample her deli products and a cake. I was initially apprehensive but excited.

Winnie’s Deli (tel. 0966-8016363) makes tasty and high-quality sausages. I boiled the Hungarian and Hungarian with Cheese variants and both were very good. They tasted clean; no taste of chunks of fat, which I hate. The skin snapped when I bit into the sausages, which I liked. But the biggest discovery for me was the bacon.

Bacon is good almost anywhere because it has a lot of fat, but this one simply stood out. It was crisp, lean, salty, smoky and so much more. Best bacon I’ve tried. I had to order 2 kg for my kids. Plus, I wanted to experiment on making an authentic Italian carbonara so I also ordered a slab of this delicious lean bacon.

Pretzel bars by Ghem Miranda

Chocoholic’s dream

This moist, deep dark chocolate cake made me dance. It was very good. It was a chocoholic’s dream come true!

The creator is the well-traveled Jnet Santos (tel. 0917-5131869; @jnetfsantos on Facebook and Instagram), from Saudia Airlines. One of the best I’ve tried. I know when it’s a hit with my kids; it doesn’t last very long in the fridge. Another winner was “midnight baker” Gem Maramba’s Caramel Pretzel Cookie Bars (tel. 0918-852442, @bakerafterdark on Facebook and Instagram).

They’re unique and delicious. You must try them. Tito Dhe’s Kitchen (tel. 0917-3666669, @terdycabrera on Instagram) makes delicious longganisa. The pork steak was also perfectly seasoned with soy and citrus calamansi. I liked that the fat melted in the mouth. Young chef Katrina Rodriguez Arriola (tel. 0917-5267000, Tonkie’s Kitchenette on Facebook, @tonkieskitchenette on Instagram) makes a baked spaghetti that looks deceptively simple but is actually creamy and savory. My kids and I enjoyed it.


Creamy baked spaghetti by Katrina Rodriguez Arriola