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Improve your kid’s learning skills in new normal

The shift to virtual education can overwhelm kids but parents can certainly make it better for them. Like in traditional learning, some kids adapt more easily than others.  This also applies to e-learning.  While every kid is unique, there are ways to encourage and help them improve their learning skills. Below are some ideas to help you in the new normal: 

Take away distractions

If you have already set up a study corner for your child, make sure his or her favorite toy is out of sight. Instead of playthings, surround the study area with memory-boosting items like puzzles.  Reduce the clutter on the study table too.  Manage the tablet or computer to make sure no web surfing or gaming will happen.

Schedule brain breaks

Squeeze in some rest time or quick breaks.  Sitting in front of a computer is a tough ordeal even for kids. Scheduled breaks can lessen the stress of e-learning and can boost brain function, too. Allow your kid some “me” time, exercise or provide their favorite snacks.  

Give reward

Reward kids for a job well done.  Rewards can be in the form of positive reinforcements, applause or celebrations. Validations are very important for kids.  They expect some feedback for the tasks they have completed no matter how small.  Apart from keeping them motivated, providing rewards can also help boost their self-esteem. 

Keep them healthy

Kids can learn better when they are healthy.  Teach your kids healthy habits especially during this pandemic.  Remind them not to touch their face, not to share masks or drinking cups, wash their hands frequently, and more.  Serve them healthy food, ensure they get enough sleep and make time for exercise to make sure their body’s immune system works properly.

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