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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Strawberry Creme Brûlée by Mama’s Munchies
Strawberry Creme Brûlée by Mama’s Munchies


Home-based food businesses are booming. I’m so happy for all of them. Many that I’ve tried are sure winners but some, I feel, still need work. Just good is not enough if you’re selling it. It has to be above par, if not new or unique. Everyone likes a surprise, and food is no exception.

I got an out-of-this-world Strawberry Crème Brulee. This came in a gold can, so it preserved its shape. It was light, creamy, sour, sweet and so so good, a sweet tooth’s dream. Made by Janessa of Mama’s Munchies (Tel. 0919-0000367), it is new, unique and didn’t last very long in our fridge.

I am told whenever I go to Bangkok that spicy food can be addicting. First day, the food tastes too spicy, but by the time I leave, after five days, I’m already looking for spicy food.

I got to try an all-around chili garlic sauce. I remember when only Lee Kum Kee made a chili garlic sauce. Today, there are dozens available but Mirus Chili Garlic Sauce stands out. It can be paired with any food item, especially dim sum. Just talking about makes me drool. It is perfectly spicy. It has become a permanent fixture on our dining table. (Available through Shopee)I just discovered a new salad that is such a winner. I combine steamed kangkong, talbos ng kamote, talong, sitaw, chopped tomatoes, onions, red eggs from both Aya Fernandez and Alma Curato, and a good bagoong. I have a delicious Pinoy salad.

Shimin XO sauce

Last night, I tried to eat healthy so I had this salad as my ulam. But I ruined it all because I had it with so much rice. Why? I was given two bottles of Shimin XO sauce! (Viber 0916- 4886396; on Instagram) I got a cup of rice, mixed a tablespoon of the sauce, and boy, was I in heaven. I simply couldn’t stop. I probably had three cups of rice.

Speaking of good bagoong alamang, I will soon come out with my own. I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but you’ll be floored. Great with super sour green mango, or your own Pinoy salad.

For all the new home cooks out there, let me give you a tip: Taste, taste, taste. If what you’re selling is being offered by someone else, try the competitions’ food (the popular ones) and compare. You’ll be surprised at the ideas you can pick up.

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