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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Elusive, but not quite. That’s what Steffi Ziebert is. That kind of cool girl who’s not into the tag. Still, you’ll see her pop up in ad with a major beauty brand, and also share her opinions about today’s news.

Somewhere between the days melting together, Steffi put up Sabina Room. When the notification popped up on the phone, we knew that we just had to catch up.

What is Sabina Room? 
Sabina Room is a home and room decor store. I named it after my second name Sabina, and I like to think of my items as a little glimpse of my “room” and things I like.

Tell us about what’s available.
The items in Sabina Room are mostly things that I found, and I’m interested in. Being stuck in my room during this pandemic made me think about everyone else who is stuck in theirs who also want to spice up their decor.

Why did you pursue Sabina Room, given the situation?
Being stuck in my room became my everyday routine.  I figured, why not turn this routine into something I can enjoy?  I love fixing and re-arranging my room because I realized it helped my mental health a lot. Having a room with items that I like to see gives me a better mood. I want to share this happiness with people who have a similar taste as me.

In the past, when I would find something interesting to put in my room, I would immediately tell my friends and family about it. So Sabina Room is the same but with (I like to think) a broader reach.

What should we watch out for without giving away too much?
More cute and useful items for the perfect quarantine room.

Six months into the lockdown, what have you enjoyed about life-at-home? 
I miss going out, and all but life-at-home has made me closer to my family more than ever. And I’ve discovered a lot about myself as well.

What’s your routine?
Most days, I wake up and have breakfast with family, then I check Sabina Room for orders and inquiries. I lounge around watching shows and movies until the afternoon. I then try to do a few home workouts. I’ve been doing personal art projects as well. From time to time, I call my friends on Zoom or video chat to catch up.

Who do you think we should follow on social media?
@everywhereweshoot, @lizmariahv, @subicbae, and @gustafwestman

The music you have on loop? 
I’ve been listening to a lot of different music lately, depending on my mood. Most days, I listen to ’90s house music. Other days I listen to pop music too. I have Loner’s new EP Into Midnight on loop recently!

At-home look that makes you feel better?
Oversized shirt and little shorts!

What’s the best spot in your room?
My closet has a bigger window than my room, so I love staying there because it’s brighter during the day, and that’s where I shoot my content.

What do you do to take a break?
Some days I just let myself do nothing and be free from the pressure of “being productive.”


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