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Aling Kika’s Bibingka
Aling Kika’s Bibingka

Dessert comes first . . . second and last

I have turned into a ‘kakanin’ monster

Dessert comes first, second and last in this week’s food list. There’s no shortage of sweet treats you and your family can enjoy while you’re stuck at home. Here are some of our recent discoveries.

Aling Kika’s Bibingka
Aling Kika’s Bibingka

Aling Kika’s Bibingka

Aling Kika has done what no one else has: she turned me into a kakanin monster.

Aling Kika’s bibingka is so good I couldn’t stop attacking the tray I ordered and I kept swooning at every bite. Made of malagkit, freshly squeezed coconut milk and sugar, topped with that heavenly latik (coconut milk curd) and baked in a pugon, it’s a delicious and affordable treat for the whole family.

Our massive tray disappeared really fast. Everyone loved it—from my little nephews to my uncle and grandma. Aling Kika’s products are so popular they’ve had to set a rule: Each person can buy only 10 boxes on weekends. Ten boxes! Aling Kika’s offers sapin-sapin, kalamay, kutsinta, cassava and galapong but it’s the bibingka that owns my heart. What’s the secret, Aling Kika, why is it so good?

You can buy from Aling Kika’s only store or book a Grab or Lalamove Pabili service (that’s what I did). You can also order through their reseller Kakanin to Go Atbp. on Facebook.Aling Kika’s Food Products, A. Bonifacio Avenue, Cainta, Rizal; open 5 a.m. to 4 p.m.; tel. 86550029;

Cream Puff Bites by Y&C’s The Happy Kid

Cream Puff Bites from Y&C’s The Happy Kid

Y&C’s The Happy Kid’s Cream Puff Bites aren’t your regular cream puffs. First, they’re smaller—they’re bite-sized, as the name suggests. And two, they’re actually choux au craquelin—meaning, they have a sweet, buttery, crunchy and crackly cookie-like top. Each cream puff is filled with a sweet custard cream. They’re planning to introduce more filling flavors in the future.

They recommend eating the Cream Puff Bites frozen so you can “enjoy the nice, crunchy texture.” Y&C’s The Happy Kid’s Cream Puffs are the reason I keep making multiple trips to our freezer every day.

This sweet treat is super affordable—P60 for a box of 12 pieces and P110 for a box of 24 pieces. They’d make great gifts, [email protected] on Facebook and Instagram

Kontrabaker’s Loyzaga Family Rum Cake

Rum cake by Kontrabaker

Actress Bing Loyzaga has added a family heirloom recipe to Kontrabaker’s yummy offerings: the Loyzaga Family Rum Cake. Once a treat just enjoyed by family and friends, now anyone can order this cake. It’s rich and buttery, it tastes like Christmas came early. @kontrabaker on Instagram

Dark Chocolate Fudge Bar from Sebastian’s

Dark Chocolate Fudge Bar from Sebastian’s

“My god.” That was the message I sent to Sebastian’s sorbetero Ian Carandang after trying the new Dark Chocolate Fudge Thicc Dive Bar. It’s dark chocolate ice cream topped with gooey fudge and dipped in milk chocolate and chopped toasted almonds. Ian recommends letting the fudge soften a bit before you start eating to experience “crackly, creamy and gooey chocolate all in one bite.” It’s a decadent, delicious, sinful treat that will bring you so much pleasure. Try the new Vanilla Caramel Fudge Dive Bar, too.

Sweet Chase’s Super Creamy Leche Flan

Super Creamy Leche Flan from Sweet Chase

Sweet Chase sells over 150 tubs of their creamy leche flan each week and it’s no surprise. Since I’ve tasted it, I’ve always made sure we have stocks of it in our fridge. That caramel syrup is so divine and it’s so good and so creamy, I’ve started fantasizing about spreading it on toast, pan de sal and other pastries. Maybe I should.

Tel. 0927-8184550; On weekends, tel. 0951-7287375,; @_neilcutter on Instagram

Cookies from Golden Dough

Cookies from Golden Dough

Singer and actress Mariella Laurel’s Golden Dough offers chunky cookies like the Trio (dark, milk and white chocolate—yes, in one cookie), O’Crumble (Oreo crumble with dark, milk and white chocolate), Walnut Trio, (dark, milk and white chocolate with roasted walnut) and the newest flavor Elena (milk chocolate and hazelnut). Want a bigger dose of cookies? Order the dough tubs which the whole family can dig into.

Golden Dough has also partnered with so when you order their Golden Nuggets (bite-sized cookies) until Oct. 6, you get freshly roasted coffee from beans grown by Cordillera farmers.

And here’s the beautiful thing: When you purchase from Golden Dough, you’ll also be supporting their chosen beneficiaries such as Project Smile Philippines which makes sure children with disabilities have back-to-school essentials and hygiene kits.

Golden Dough uses biodegradable packaging, too (sugarcane containers and cassava bags), giving another reason to love them more. INQTel. 0966-8017988 on Telegram/ Viber; @goldendoughph on Instagram;