Bianca King might just not buy any clothes in 2021, and here's why | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022

bianca king ig shoot
Image: Instagram/@bianca_king

Actress Bianca King may be stylish and fashionable but she, in fact, avoids anything expensive when it comes to clothes.

King stressed that dressing fashionably need not be expensive, as per her Instagram page last Friday, Oct. 16.

“Mindful fashion: sustainable materials, [secondhand] (used, vintage, pre-loved), low impact production, biodegradable. What else do you consider mindful in fashion?⁠” she asked fans. King then enumerated her chosen mindful fashion items.

“@ethoseverywhere paper leather bag, Vegan Birkenstocks, [secondhand] dress from Reformation (sustainable brand), straw hat from a market in Japan.”

She revealed how she has saved money on clothes by not buying “any article [of] clothing for one year.” She did this for “[two] consecutive years.”

bianca king ig shoot
Image: Instagram/@bianca_king

“I lasted about [six] months on both years. I’m thinking about making it my [new year’s] resolution again for 2021. But this time, before [Jan. 1], I plan to prepare by purging my closet again, creating a capsule wardrobe for all seasons and buy essentials if I need any (socks, underwear, etc). In the hopes of not shopping for 12 months,” she said.

And to save more, King plans to “rent a dress online or borrow from friends” in case of a “fashion emergency.” JB



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