Amy Perez believes in the power of Psalm 23

Pondering on what life has become now that there is a pandemic going on, TV host Amy Perez tries her very best to still be positive. She claims she gets her strength from the word of God.

Perez shared a popular Bible verse in sending out to fans a message of hope amid the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, as per her Instagram post today, October 20.

“I have all I need” said Perez’s note, which was what Psalm 23 is all about in spirit. These days, she believes, are the most opportune time to rely on “the presence of God.”

“His word has become more and more real. Some of the keys we’ve found and been leaning into have been things like staying connected to a community, people we trust and love who can speak truth into situations,” Perez said. “Processing with the Lord through songwriting, and digging deep into scriptures that speak truth over our situations and tear down lies we might be believing.”

“Psalms 23 has been one of the chapters that have kept us grounded in the truth throughout this process,” she declared. “As you read the psalms you get to see David in every part of the journey.”

“A lot of expectation, wisdom, and a lot of processing in what seems like the middle of the journey, before everything is finished or figured out,” Perez explained. She also feels the omnipresence of God.

“I love the picture of God showing up in the middle of the battle, setting a beautiful table and serving a meal when we’re surrounded by the enemy. God is not stressed about the battle, He sees the outcome before the battle even began,” she said.

Amy Perez. Image: Instagram/@amypcastillo

This mirrors what life is all about for Perez.

“When we’re battling fear, depression, or anxiety over the hard things in life, I read this scripture and remind myself that God is with us,” she said. “He guides us through the dark seasons, and even when we’re surrounded, God is so confident in the outcome and His goodness that He sets a table in the middle of it all.”

“Even when we don’t understand, [we would] see His truth breaking down our walls and [the] lies we’re believing and lead us into deeper trust and relationship with Him.” JB



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