Two is better than one: OWNDAYS opens second branch in Cebu | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022

Strictly following new normal protocols for all its stores, OWNDAYS is happy to welcome new and returning Cebu customers to its latest branch down South. 

Local and global favorite

Since it launched in the Philippines in 2015, OWNDAYS has become the go-to for stylish yet practical individuals for their eyewear needs. The brand has rapidly expanded nationwide with over 50 branches offering the open concept optical store to customers in which they can freely choose and try on any pair of eyeglasses that they like.

As one of the leading eyewear store in Japan, OWNDAYS manufactures more than 1,500 styles of high-quality frames that are designed to suit various lifestyles. It has already become a popular choice globally since it was launched in Tokyo in 2002, with 168 branches in 12 countries and selling more than 2 million pairs of eyeglasses annually. 

Choose from basic and functional or stylish and fashionable, OWNDAYS have kept its products at attractive price points without compromising quality. It is the company’s ultimate goal to help people enjoy a fresh start everyday through their pair of OWNDAYS eyeglasses.

Much needed update

Following the success of its first store in Cebu (Ayala Cebu), OWNDAYS is excited to open another branch, this time in SM Cebu to cater to more clients. With more people working from home, attending online lessons, or doing business through their computers and gadgets, these can put a lot of strain on the eyes. Hence, proper eyewear is important to keep for good eye health. 

After months of staying indoors, it’s important to have your eyes checked in case you need eyeglasses or your eyeglasses need updating. 

Customers love how OWNDAYS has kept their whole process simple, quick, and valuable.

Keeping it simple

OWNDAYS wants its customers to enjoy their shopping experience in their stores. Hence it maintains a price system that is simple and easy to understand. Set prices include everything that a customer needs – frame and ultra-thin multi-coated lenses with prices ranging from PHP 1,990 to PHP 6,990 with no additional fee regardless of the high grade for lenses. 

Once the customer has decided on which style and lenses he/she wants, OWNDAYS efficiently puts together the perfect pair of eyeglasses in as early as 20 minutes upon payment. OWNDAYS makes use of topnotch equipment from Japan that offers faster grinding capabilities, resulting to a shorter cycle time, and a high luster finish. 

Maintaining competitive price points and efficient service aren’t just what customers love about OWNDAYS. The brand’s enhanced functionality and quality that comply with strict Japan Industrial Standards (JIS) makes it well trusted by many. OWNDAYS lenses are ultra-thin and multi-coated equipped with UV, anti-reflective, scratch-resistant and water repellent coating. Aspheric/ultra thin lenses achieve less distortion and a thinner edge making your eyeglasses lighter and more comfortable.

Make the most of your OWNDAYS visit, aside from offering more styles and higher quality, OWNDAYS provides in-store eye exams facilitated by PRC Licensed Optometrists. They are also able to increase efficiency and improve patient care through their latest technology in electronic refraction.

Take good care of your eyes while staying safe in the new normal with OWNDAYS.