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OCTOBER 27, 2022

The Beautylish website
The Beautylish website


Last time, I talked about the new online destinations that give you quick access to different makeup and skin care brands. This week, I want to talk to you about habits when it comes to shopping online.

There is a danger of buying too much, and buying items you don’t need. It’s the price of convenience: You can click on something today and get it in three days, or even the next day. You fool yourself into thinking you don’t spend anything because the cashless option means there is no money you physically have to part with.

Return to things you can touch. The business of beauty is built on the senses. Before firing up that app or opening that beauty website, take a look at your vanity. Go over the products you have and determine what’s really lacking or what you need to stock up on.

Take a good look at your face and your body. What are the issues that you want to deal with? List this all down. And that’s when you can go online.

But don’t click “Add to cart” just yet. I would suggest you look up your skin concerns or makeup trends you want to try, and go over the product reviews. Research is the best way to realize that some of the products you want, if not most, are just out of whim.

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Essentials first

When you get to filter out the products you want from the products you need, you’re ready to shop. Essentials first. Get that facial wash and sunscreen. If there’s a holy grail item you can’t do without, perhaps you can get two to three backups. You tend to buy throwaway items every time you buy products you need, thinking: “I’m here anyway, so might as well.” Avoid that, because it’s the equivalent of reaching for those sample-size products near the cash register.

A lot of people would say sales can be tricky. On one hand, you can save. On the other hand, sale prices justify purchases you’ll end up regretting. I would say sales are the best time to shop—if you’re disciplined with your lists. Sales are the best time to buy multiples of your products along with presents for your loved ones. If you learn how to buy enough to last you until the next sale, you’ve unlocked a secret everyone wishes to learn.

When it comes to sales and buying a lot of items, still be mindful of shipping. See if there’s a code to apply. Be careful of the option to add more to reach a certain amount so you can get the free shipping. Most of the time, the added item’s price is still more than the shipping price. You don’t really save in that way. Making the most of the shipping isn’t about getting as many products as you want. Shopping smartly isn’t limited to the actual action of vetting items to buy while you are online. It also involves the aftermath. Note what product you finish and what has worked for you. Take note of the ones that didn’t work out or you’re not using as often. When you do, you’ll be able to refine your shopping habits even more.


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