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#AngDugoMoKamusta: Strengthening the Filipino blood during these challenging times

The importance of blood health and circulation are often undervalued, even if it is actually one of the most essential functions of the body and plays a major role in our overall health. The blood has three specific functions which are to transport, protect, and regulate. Our blood helps transport oxygen from the lungs to all parts of the body where it is needed for metabolism. It also provides the cells with nutrients, carries hormones from the glands to their target cells, and removes waste products to be detoxified by the liver and kidneys. It protects the body against diseases. The white blood cells, particularly, defends the body from infection and abnormal cells. The platelets enable clotting so when bleeding occurs, they coagulate to form a clot to prevent excessive blood loss. A healthy blood circulation aids in keeping specific values of the body in balance as it helps regulate our body temperature, too.

When we speak of blood health, many Filipinos limit themselves to being proactive only about their blood pressure and take their overall blood health for granted. When we are unable to maintain good blood health, we may run the risk of having a limited flow of oxygen to the brain, lack of energy, exhaustion, and the inability to concentrate. And because blood circulates white blood cells for healing and platelets for necessary clotting, poor blood health would mean that it would take a longer time for our sores and cuts to heal, increasing our risk for infection.

In worst cases, we could be pre-disposed to poor blood health like anemia. A lifestyle change, regular exercise, drinking lots of water, getting rid of stress, cutting back on alcohol, quitting the cigarettes, and having the proper diet, especially eating food rich in vitamins and minerals and iron, particularly, should always be in place.

Taking regular doses of Multivitamins + Minerals (Sangobion IRON+) will also help maintain healthy blood and oxygen flow throughout the body, allowing our lungs, heart, and muscles to function properly and fight off anemia. By having optimum blood health, we could keep our immune system at its peak, keep our organs in the optimal working order, and fight off or keep potential diseases at bay. #AngDugoMoKamusta is an on-going campaign recently launched by Multivitamins + Minerals (Sangobion IRON+) that prompts us to keep our blood health in check as we juggle different roles in today’s trying times.

Whatever our careers or passions in life are—whether we are frontliners (in the medical, retail, restaurants, supermarkets, and other industries), drivers, teachers who lead online classes, full-time housewives taking care of the family, factory workers, or employees who have been forced to work from home—we all have a significant role to play in embracing and adapting to this new and better normal. Thus, we should take good care of ourselves and ensure that our blood health is kept in optimum shape.

Recently, Multivitamins + Minerals (Sangobion IRON+) collaborated with Pop Princess, Sarah Geronimo-Guidicelli, in a music video billed as “Dugo’y Pagtibayin” to further strengthen its #AngDugoMoKamusta Campaign advocacy. The music video encourages every one of us to look after one’s blood health for a strong immune system, and to celebrate the strength of the Filipino blood and heritage, especially during these tough times.

If we look back at Philippine history, there was the very first treaty of friendship established between the Spaniards and the Filipinos in 1565, the blood compact called “Sandugo” (one blood). As Filipinos today, 456 years later, we continue to celebrate brotherhoods that have become family, and friendships that are almost bound by blood. “Ang dugong Pinoy matibay sa kahit anong pagsubok,” (The Filipino blood is strong whatever trials may come), Geronimo said. In the middle of this challenging time, Multivitamins + Minerals (Sangobion IRON+) is here to help the Filipinos maintain optimum blood health so that, together, we could move forward from all the hardships of the past year has handed us.

As the music video’s opening lines go: “Ang lakas ng bayan nasa dugong dumadaloy sa sambayanan. Ano mang hamon ang dumating. Di manghihina, di mapapagod. Pag malakas, susugod pa rin. Dugong Pinoy pagtibayin. Isang dugo, isang layunin. Tungo sa ating kinabukasan. Sulong Dugong Pinoy!” (The strength of a nation is in the blood that runs through its countrymen. We will not go weak; we won’t get tired. Let’s strengthen our Filipino blood. One blood, one goal, towards a better future. March on, Filipino blood!).

Geronimo’s music video highlights relevant visuals of the most common scenarios in our current lives. There’s the grandfather and granddaughter bonding, medical frontliners at work, volunteers spearheading a donation drive, and a small team of employees having a meeting. There are also images of a laundry assistant opening the shop for its customers, a mom looking after her daughter, a family surprising their mom on her birthday (while other members of the clan are celebrating with them online) and the family drinking Multivitamins + Minerals (Sangobion IRON+). These scenes capture the Filipino strength of spirit—still smiling, still celebrating personal milestones, bonding, doing their daily task, and helping one another despite this unprecedented obstacle.

Perhaps you are the mom, the grandfather, the volunteer, the employee, or the frontliner because you can relate to the clips and identify with the characters. And indeed, despite these dreadful times, you get up from bed, take care of the family, do your job, volunteer to help others, and celebrate special moments because you deserve to. This is the core and key reason why you should maintain a strong blood health so that, individually, we could help this country heal faster.

Geronimo concludes the music video by enjoining Filipinos to individually take care of their blood health: “Kahit ano man ang hinaharap natin ngayon, kaya nating sumulong basta magtulungan tayo at gawing mas matibay ang dugo ng bawat Pilipino” (Whatever we are facing at the moment, we can move forward as long as we help each other and strengthen the blood of every single Filipino).

Indeed, we have an indomitable Filipino spirit, known to rise up after disasters and calamities, or situations of conflict, even during the most difficult of times like today, when we are fighting an unseen enemy. It is only appropriate then that, as one, we should take our blood health seriously because when we stand united as a nation with one blood, and with a strong immunity, we shall heal and overcome, sooner than we all could imagine.

If symptoms persist, consult your doctor.

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