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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Blinks, Lilies (Lisa’s fans) and makeup enthusiasts had a field day Friday, Nov. 27, as professional voice talent Inka Magnaye, celebrity makeup artist RB Chanco, lifestyle vlogger Angel Dei and Filipino-Japanese content creator Izumi Nagai joined forces at MAC x SM Shopmag Live Discussion.

Makeup hacks, Lisa’s signature look and how to recreate it, and the personal care products they’re currently using were among the topics that the group discussed.

If you missed the live event, we’ve listed the biggest takeaways from the show just for you.

MAC Cosmetics promotes inclusive beauty

MAC Cosmetics’ history of inclusivity goes way back to 1984 when the brand launched its all-inclusive Studio Fix foundation line. As early as then, MAC Cosmetics were already designed for everybody, making the brand a safe space for black people and the LGBTQ+ community.

“Of course, we love [MAC Cosmetics’] eyeshadow palettes, iconic lipsticks and Studio Fix powder. But other than that, [I love what the brand] embodies. The [products] are for all ages, races and genders. So talagang equality,” said makeup professor and celebrity makeup artist RB Chanco during the live.

And now they got Lisa of Blackpink, a Southeast Asian, to be its global brand ambassador. See? Inclusivity.

With MAC products, we get what we pay for

The brand has always been recommended by friends, said 25-year old vlogger Angel Dei. “Even when you grow old, [MAC products] are really something you repurchase. It’s something na hindi mawawala sa makeup kit mo,” she added. Her all-time fave is the brand’s Glow Play Blush because of its versatility. (Yes, we can use it as an eyeshadow, lip tint or blush.)

For Izumi Nagai, MAC Studio Fix line is her “OG” foundation as it was the first makeup product she ever owned. Izumi loved how buildable it is and how you can still see your skin beneath the makeup. “It’s a medium to full coverage [foundation] so you can use it depending on what you want for the day,” said the Fil-Jap content creator.

The secret behind Lisa’s signature winged liner

RB Chanco also taught us how to perfect Lisa’s winged eyeliner. First, bring out your eyeliner and mirror. Angle your mirror slightly below the mirror. (Important tip: Don’t stretch your eyes. Your eyes should be relaxed.) Draw a thin line on both your upper lash lines, then put a dot on the hollows of your outer lids. This will help you connect the wings to your lash lines easier. Now if you want to make it thicker, just carefully add layers until you finally get your desired thickness.

For best results though, you might want to use MAC Cosmetics’ Brush Stroke Liner—the exact product Lisa uses on her eyes. It has a fine tip and glides on your lids smoothly.

Never in a thousand years did we expect that we’d be able to do cat eyes properly—but turns out, we were just unschooled. (Even Inka Magnaye agrees with us.) So if you see us walking the streets wearing winged liners every single day, mind your business. We’re just really feeling it.

We all have one thing in common with Lisa

You probably used to think that everything Lisa touches is gold and we’d never have whatever she owns, but I guess we were wrong. Just like every girl growing up, Lisa loves makeup. And as she became MAC Cosmetics’ newest global ambassador, it’s now wayyy easier to cop her looks and use the very same products she uses every day.

Although there’s one minor problem… we have to fight with Blinks for it. And we’re telling you, it’s going to be a bloodbath. So here’s to hoping the products won’t sell out in seconds!

Eager to know more? You can check out the full show here:

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