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NutriAsia’s BYOB store protects the environment, one refill at a time

At the start of the pandemic, people shifted their focus from sustainability to safety, which was understandable since everyone was trying to protect themselves and their loved ones from Covid-19. “Prioritization of human health over environmental health has led to the delay or reversal of policies aiming to reduce single-use plastic,” Science Magazine wrote in September.

Single-use masks, gloves and the plastic bags from groceries and other purchases are instantly discarded in fear of the virus. Countless rolls of plastic cover have been used as dividers for social distancing. There’s also been an increase in the use of wipes, tissue, toilet paper and sanitizing products, producing even more waste.

But there are still ways to care for the environment as we continue to keep our families safe from the virus.

Luckily, there are people, organizations and companies that continue to be devoted to caring for the environment even in the midst of the pandemic. One such company is NutriAsia which reopened its BYOB(Bring Your Own Bote) store at the Mind Museum in Bonifacio Global City in August. They also opened BYOB in Quezon City Hall, the result of a partnership with the Quezon City local government unit.

Zero-waste pioneer

BYOB is a zero-waste pioneer in the country and it’s dedicated to promoting eco-friendly and green initiatives. In 2019, BYOB allowed customers to bring their own reusable bottles so they could get a refill of their favorite NutriAsia products and condiments without generating unnecessary waste. The store encourages responsible plastic use and is a step towards sustainability.

For the reopening during the pandemic, NutriAsia made improvements to their popular refill service and modified it with everyone’s health and safety in mind. The staff wear PPE, masks, face shields and hair caps. Floor markers ensure that customers can observe social distancing while waiting for your turn. An alcohol dispenser is at the entrance too, so you can sanitize your hands anytime.

Want to BYOB? Your first step is ordering the NutriAsia products you want through an online and waiver form ( You will receive an email that you need to present at the BYOB store. Then your bottles (make sure they’re clean and dry) go through a sterilization process using a UV-C sterilizer. They are then refilled and weighed. When that’s done, you can make your contactless payment using Gcash or BPI online. 

If you don’t have reusable bottles, don’t worry. You can buy a new 500ml glass bottle at the BYOB store for just P20. It’s been sterilized and ready to fill with your favorite NutriAsia products. 

A visit to the NutriAsia’s BYOB store is a great way to stock up on your pantry essentials while protecting the environment. It may seem like a small step but you’d be making a difference, one refill at a time. 

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