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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Experts say there are two possible ways that a pandemic comes to an end: the medical ending and the social ending. The former is when the worldwide case numbers drop dramatically because an effective vaccine has been found, herd immunity has been reached, or there is simply no one left for the virus to infect, an unlikely scenario in today’s medically-advanced world. The latter happens when people just get so tired of living in fear that they choose to resume as normal a life as possible, in the presence of the pandemic, but in adherence to necessary precautions.

In the case of COVID-19, the current-day global crisis we’re all facing, a social ending is much more likely to precede a medical ending. Apart from the enormity of the health, economic, and social implications, COVID has greatly infringed on the lifestyles of people across the world. Personal plans have been put on hold or completely discarded in begrudging response to the crisis—and people have had their fill of it. So, they opt to live in accordance with and governed by a new way of life; the “new normal,” as COVID-speak would have it. People are beginning to venture out; countries are reopening in efforts to stimulate the hardest-hit sectors of the economy.

Revitalizing recreation

One sector greatly affected by the global health crisis is the travel and leisure industry. The World Tourism Organization estimates that as many as 200 million jobs have been put on the line because of travel restrictions, border closures, and lockdowns, worldwide— to the tune of a whopping US $ 80 billion in tourism losses, just in the first quarter of 2020. In the local context, the first quarter of the year saw a decline of nearly 40% in international tourism revenues, compared to the same time last year. Local travel has likewise taken a dive, due to quarantine restrictions and “stay-at-home” safety measures. As such, the hotel industry has also taken a big hit.

Thankfully, the sector is slowly opening up, with all the necessary precautions in place. If you’re planning a hotel stay for business or leisure, here’s a checklist of what to look for in terms of measures that assure your utmost safety, so you can enjoy your stay without a (health) hitch.

Safe hotels have added safety and security measures as you enter the property

Solaire Hotel and Casino

The really safe ones will have disinfection measures right at their entrances to ensure all guests disinfect first. Going through a smart full-body misting chamber, mandatory temperature checks, foot baths, and contactless hand sanitizers are part of the entry requirements.

Safe hotels have employees who adhere to stringent safety protocols

Hotels keep you safe by keeping their employees safe. Top hotel chains make sure that all employees are provided complete personal protective equipment, COVID-19 tests, and intensive reorientation on new normal scenarios.

Safe hotels have key areas that have been physically reconfigured to aid in social distancing

Solaire Hotel and Casino

Safe hotels have front desks and other transaction areas that already have plexiglass shields, hand sanitizing stations, floor markers, and spaced out open counters. A maximum number of people allowed in guest facilities also signify that proper social distancing is strictly enforced by the management.

Safe hotels have areas that are not just regularly cleaned, but also regularly disinfected and tested

Solaire Hotel and Casino

Solaire Hotel and Casino

The new normal means cleaning and sanitation protocols have to be as meticulous as ever. Safe hotels have a dedicated hygiene team that assess areas through a luminometer to determine if they pass the cleaning standards.

Safe hotels will go above and beyond to guarantee your safety

Solaire Hotel and Casino

World-class hotels invest and make use of the most advanced technologies in the disinfection process as an added layer of protection for both guests and employees. UVC light in particular is now part of the new normal, but a Forbes five-star hotel has taken it up a notch and installed UVC lamps in their air handler units to sanitize the air exchange in the property, ensuring you are breathing the highest quality of air.

Safe hotels have digital, or self-service options for select transactions

Safe hotels have introduced self check-in and check-out, rewards programs have integrated cards and credits through an app . This means that these hotels have carefully thought and planned all these changes with their guest’s experience in mind.

Nothing left to chance, all areas covered

As an industry leader in the hotel, leisure, and gaming sectors, Solaire Resort & Casino understands the need to return to a semblance of normalcy, and to do so in the utmost of safety—all with the brand’s commitment to upholding luxury and delivering exceptional experiences. Currently, bookings are by invitation; but select restaurants and retail areas already accept walk-ins.

With a firm handle on the “new normal,” Solaire takes no chances when it comes to the welfare and wellbeing of its guests, observing strict protocols as mandated by international hotel groups, the IATF, and the DOH.

Physical disinfection procedures with the CDC-recommended chemical Oxivir TB and with Hygiene Pro antimicrobial nano-coating solution take place in the entirety of the property. Meticulously trained teams sanitize guest rooms, dining outlets, common spaces, and gaming areas every morning and frequently throughout the day, especially during peak hours. They pay extra attention to high-touch and high-traffic areas, such as the gaming floor and dining venues, and even to fixtures like carpets and curtains. Implements in the hotel’s restaurants undergo heat treatment and disinfection with food-grade Suma Total and Suma J-512 Sanitizer. Moreover, Solaire’s air conditioner filters and fan coil units are equipped with UVC light technology so guests and team members alike breathe in the highest quality of air. Hygiene swab tests of surfaces throughout the property are done regularly, with results of below RLU 20.

Furthermore, and of key importance, hotel staff members are required to practice strict personal hygiene, as well as undergo regular rapid antibody and PCR swab testing.

In its ongoing mission to elevate and reinvent the gaming experience, Solaire affords a distinctive brand of comfort, elegance, and luxury which bear the hallmarks of Filipino hospitality. Now, more than ever, Solaire wants each guest to soothe their senses and pamper their soul; to relish and indulge in all the lauded establishment has to give, in an atmosphere of safety and security. With a new mantra for the new normal, the hotel boldly, confidently declares: “Solaire is safe for you.”

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