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OCTOBER 27, 2022

As we mentioned in a previous column, the existence of the Akashic record explains why it is not advisable to wear secondhand clothes, or bring antiques into your home.

The following strange but true story was related to me by Jerry C., a Philippine Military Academy (PMA) graduate.

When Jerry was about to leave for the PMA in Baguio City, his mother gave him a pair of pajamas to wear there. But he found out that freshmen cadets of the PMA are not allowed to wear pajamas—only seniors were. So, Jerry gave the pajamas to his senior, which the latter gladly accepted. One evening his senior decided to wear the pajamas that Jerry had given him. This senior slept alone in his room.

The next morning, the senior woke up and found himself completely naked! He did not experience anything unusual in the evening or feel anybody touch him to remove his clothes. His room was still locked, and there was no indication of forcible entry. Looking around, he saw the pajamas neatly folded at the foot of his bed. Puzzled, he quickly got dressed and rushed to Jerry’s room, carrying the pajamas. After telling Jerry what happened to him, his senior told him to take back the pajamas.

“Where did the pajamas come from?” he asked Jerry. He replied that it was owned by his deceased stepfather. And that night his senior wore it was the stepfather’s death anniversary. Apparently, the deceased stepfather did not want anybody else to wear his pajamas, and took them back.

The narra desk

The next true story is about a beautiful old narra executive desk that was used by a well-known industrialist who owned one of the largest conglomerates in the country. When this business tycoon died, his office and personal belongings (memorabilia) were kept in a museum that was built in the building.

One day, Carlos, one of his sons, spotted the beautiful desk and asked it to be transferred to his room for his own use. Shortly after that, there were reports by some employees, especially the security guards, that they could feel the presence of something strange in Carlos’ office.

I was called to take a look at the place. I did not feel the presence of an earthbound spirit, but when I interviewed the security guard, he said he saw a spirit of a man walking inside the executive’s room. One time, the ghost entered the restroom. Thinking it was one of officers of the company, the guard waited for the man to get out of the restroom. When he did not exit, the guard entered the restroom but found nobody there.

Looking around and scanning Carlos’ room, I noticed the beautiful desk. Somehow, I got the impression that the old man who died resented the fact that it was removed from the museum and he wanted it returned there. When Carlos was told about this, he merely laughed it off. The manifestations continued until Carlos finally decided to return it to the museum.

Not only persons, houses or rooms can be haunted. Even material objects, especially physical objects owned by the dead, can be haunted. It is therefore important to know the history of any object and its previous owners before bringing it home, or using it.

The antique dresser

Our third story is about the 100- year-old antique dresser of bold star Anna Marie Gutierrez. Since I had previously written about this case, I’ll merely summarize the main points here.

Gutierrez, best known for her role in the film “Scorpio Nights,” bought the antique dresser with mirror a year before. Since then, she had been experiencing strange things. She lived alone in the apartment with one household help.

She would wake up in the morning with hematoma marks all over her body, although she felt no one touching her when she was asleep. She began to suffer from insomnia. She came home in the evening always tired. Every time she brought a male friend or boyfriend to her house, they would inevitably quarrel and separate.

When I sat on the stool of the dresser, it moved and hit itself on a wall. I told Gutierrez that whoever owned that dresser did not want her or anybody else to own or use it. She asked me what to do with it. I told her to get rid of it or remove it from her house. She was reluctant to do so because she liked that dresser and it was very expensive. A week later she called me up and told me the manifestations had gone. I asked her what she did with the dresser; she said she placed it outside the house.

Not all antiques, however, are bad; only those whose history you do not know should be avoided.

Gutierrez migrated to the United States soon after this, and died in New York in 1990.

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