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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Like you, we’re excited to say goodbye to this very challenging year. But before we do, let’s look back at 2020. Here are the top things people watched, bought, listened to and searched for this year. We put tick boxes so you can check which ones apply to you. Did you watch “Enola Holmes?” Listen to Ben&Ben and BTS? Look up how to make dalgona coffee? Let’s see.


More time at home means more time for streaming. Here are the most popular titles on Netflix this year by genre. Did you watch them all?

Romance: “Through Night and Day”

Drama: “Enola Holmes”

K-drama: “The King: Eternal Monarch”

Comedy: “Ang Pangarap Kong Holdap”

Kids & Family: “Over the Moon”

Action: “Extraction”

Thriller: “Money Heist: Part 4”

Horror: “#Alive”

Documentary: “American Murder: The Family Next Door”

Anime: “Weathering with You”

People were in the mood for love stories this year, with an almost 400-percent increase in romance viewing this year compared to 2019. Comedy viewing doubled this year (because we needed all the reasons to laugh), while drama was up 150 percent. Thriller more than doubled in viewership, too, while action was up almost 200 percent. K-drama was hot, too—but that’s no surprise. There was a 350-percent increase in viewership of Korean titles this year.

‘The King: Eternal Monarch’ was in the top spot and here are the other top Korean titles on Netflix, in no particular order. Which ones did you watch?

“Kingdom: Season 2”


“It’s Okay to Not Be Okay”

“The World of the Married”

“Record of Youth”


“The School Nurse Files”

“Itaewon Class”

“Hi, Bye Mama”

Here are the Top 15 things

Filipinos watched on iWantTFC globally in 2020:

“Ang sa Iyo ay Akin”

“Love Thy Woman”

“FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano”

“Walang Hanggang Paalam”

“La Vida Lena”

“It’s Showtime”

“Bagong Umaga”

“Still 2gether”


“Oh, Mando”

“Loving Emily”

“Bawal Lumabas”


“I’m Tee, Me Too”

“TV Patrol”

Top 15 is a mix of Kapamilya Channel shows, Originals and acquired content.

Here are the Top 10 shows people watched on WeTV:

#1 “My Girlfriend is an Alien”

#2 “You Are My Destiny”

#3 “Go Go Squid!”

#4 “What’s Wrong with

Secretary Kim”

#5 “Put Your Head on My Shoulder”

#6 “Forget You Remember Love”

#7 “The Brightest Star in the Sky”

#8 “Love Designer Chinese”

#9 “Love Is Sweet”

#10 “A Love So Beautiful”

Here are the Top 10 shows people watched on iFlix:

#1 “Pangako sa ’Yo”

#2 “Strong Woman Do Bong-soon”

#3 “On the Wings of Love”

#4 “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim”

#5 “The World of the Married”

#6 “Dolce Amore”

#7 “ID : Gangnam Beauty”

#8 “La Luna Sangre” Season 1

#9 “Cleaning with Passion Now”

#10 “Welcome to Waikiki” Season 1

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Music helped carry you through this difficult year. And here’s what Filipinos listened to, according to Spotify. Were these artists and songs on your playlists, too? Did they appear on your #SpotifyWrapped2020 lists?

Most streamed artists in the Philippines



Taylor Swift

Justin Bieber


Most streamed female artists in the Philippines

Taylor Swift

Ariana Grande

Moira Dela Torre

Dua Lipa

Billie Eilish

Most streamed male artists in the Philippines

Justin Bieber


Ed Sheeran


Post Malone

Most streamed groups in the Philippines





Maroon 5

Most streamed albums in the Philippines

“~how i’m feeling~” by Lauv


“Limasawa Street” by Ben&Ben

“Map of the Soul: 7” by BTS

“Changes” by Justin Bieber

Most streamed songs in the Philippines

“Imahe” by Magnus Haven

“Intentions” by Justin Bieber feat. Quavo

“Make It with You”

by Ben&Ben

“Beautiful Scars”

by Maximillian

“Someone You Loved”

by Lewis Capaldi

Most streamed local artists in the Philippines


Moira Dela Torre


December Avenue

Parokya Ni Edgar

Most streamed local songs in the Philippines

“Imahe” by Magnus Haven

“Make It with You”

by Ben&Ben

“Pagtingin” by Ben&Ben

“Teka Lang” by Emman

“Hindi Tayo Pwede”

by The Juans

And because we’re sure you want to see the K-pop lists, too, here you go. BTS tops the charts with more than 5 billion streams globally. “Dynamite,” which came out in September, set a new Spotify record by achieving 12.6 million streams in the first 24 hours. Unsurprisingly, “Map of the Soul: 7” by BTS is also the K-pop album of the year.

Most streamed K-pop artists in the Philippines




Red Velvet





Stray Kids


Most streamed K-pop artists globally




Stray Kids

Red Velvet




NCT 127


Most streamed K-pop songs in the Philippines

“Dynamite” by BTS

“How You Like That”


“Ice Cream” by BLACKPINK feat. Selena Gomez

“Psycho” by Red Velvet

“Lovesick Girls”


“Boy With Luv” by BTS

feat. Halsey

“Sour Candy” by Lady Gaga feat. BLACKPINK

“eight” by IU feat. Suga of BTS

“Make It Right” by BTS feat. Lauv


Most streamed K-pop songs globally

“Dynamite” by BTS

“How You Like That”


“Boy With Luv” by BTS

feat. Halsey

“Ice Cream” by BLACKPINK feat. Selena Gomez

“Black Swan” by BTS

“ON” by BTS

“Sour Candy” by Lady Gaga feat. BLACKPINK

“Kill This Love” by BLACKPINK

“Psycho” by Red Velvet


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The pandemic changed the way Filipinos shop, with many turning to online platforms even for their daily needs.

Lazada noted a 15 times increase in the purchase of groceries during the pandemic. During their 11.11 sale, they sold over 345,000 grocery items in just 24 hours. They also noted an increase in purchase of cleaning equipment and supplies.

People also bought items that spruce up their living spaces, that allow them to turn their homes into their work or study space and let them enjoy their newly discovered hobbies.

Here are other hot shopping categories on the platform this year. Did you buy anything from these categories?


Cycling and outdoor

recreation supplies

Well-being supplements



Baking supplies

Home office equipment

Lawn and gardening supplies

Air-condition units

Air purifiers

During this year’s 12.12 sale, Lazada recorded double the sales compared to last year’s 12.12 shopping festival. On the first hour of the sale, there were 1.6 million shoppers browsing for good deals. During the 12.12 sale, Filipinos launched their Lazada apps an average of seven times a day, twice compared to normal. Filipinos spent more than 420 million minutes on the shopping platform. (We admit, we added to those minutes, too.)

Curious about the biggest haul? One shopper checked out 200 items in one purchase. Wow.

“This 12.12, we saw interesting trends emerge that reflect how Lazada has become an integral part of our customers’ lifestyles,” said Ray Alimurung, Lazada Philippines’ chief executive officer.

During the 12.12 sale the Top 3 categories were:

Fashion, Shoes and Clothing


Electronics Accessories

People have also started reserving cars and motorcycles through the platform. (And we thought it was huge when we bought an air-con online.)

“Consumers rely on e-commerce as a one-stop platform to address their shopping needs amid COVID-19,” said Martin Yu of Shopee Philippines. “Demand for health-care products increased in 2020, with masks and sanitizers especially popular among shoppers across the region. Face masks contributed to the majority of total items sold for the year in the Philippines since health is the topmost priority among Filipinos during the pandemic.”

Yu added, “Consumers also turned to online shopping for everyday essentials such as food and beverages, kitchenware, and health and beauty products. Shoppers also bought more gadgets for their work-from-home setups and gaming must-haves. Filipino shoppers were particularly drawn to bluetooth earphones this year as they seek better audio experiences as they continue to work, study and exercise at home.”

Here are the top shopping categories on Shopee this year:

Food and beverages


Health and beauty


Yu noted a growth in cashless payments this year. “Users between 18 and 34 make the majority (70 percent) of digital transactions. Older users are also starting to adopt digital payments, as we have observed a 100-percent increase in the number of ShopeePay transactions among users over the age of 50. At our recent 12.12 sale, ShopeePay transactions increased by 50 times during the first hour compared to an average day. We also saw an uplift in ShopeePay transactions from shoppers in north and south Luzon.”

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Google’s Year in Search 2020 has some pretty interesting results.

Here’s the list of top trending searches for 2020. You would think that coronavirus would be at the top spot but nope. Did you search for these, too?

Overall trending Google searches in the Philippines:

US election 2020

NBA score


DepEd Commons

Taal Volcano

NBA schedule

Kobe Bryant

Lakers vs Heat

first day of school


Here are the top TV shows that you Googled. (We’re surprised ‘The Crown’ isn’t on the list—we kept Googling what’s fiction and what isn’t while watching Season 4.)

“Crash Landing on You”

“Money Heist”

“It’s Okay to Not Be Okay”


“Itaewon Class”

“The World of the Married”

“Girl from Nowhere”

“Backstreet Rookie”

“Prison Break”

“The King: Eternal Monarch”

Here are the top ‘how-to’ searches for 2020. Did you Google these?

How to make dalgona coffee?

How to wear a surgical mask?

How to compute BMI?

How to boost the immune system?

How to make leche flan?

How to divide fractions?

How to solve quadratic equations?

How to make pancakes?

How to apply for an SSS

calamity loan online?

How to prevent COVID-19?

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