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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Carla Abellana
Image: Instagram/@carlaangeline

Being an actress for years now, Carla Abellana observes a practice whenever she receives her script for a TV show, which reflects how much she values the script.

“I value my scripts so much that I write ‘Please do not touch’ on the first page,” she said in her Instagram page yesterday, Dec. 28, where she posted a photo and video of her compiled scripts, with some pages even taped at the edges.

“I write notes on them and read them numerously to be able to study the story and memorize my lines. When a scene is done I fold its pages. It’s a practice of mine for many years now, because I find fulfillment in seeing hundreds of pages folded,” the actress explained.

Abellana also recalled that their team started working on the Kapuso series “Love of My Life” in July 2019, and that it aired in February of this year until the pandemic hit the country.

Carla Abellana
Image: Instagram/@carlaangeline

“And boy did we have a consistent winning streak back then, until the entire country went on lockdown,” she noted.

But this month, the show will be airing again, making Abellana feel grateful.


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“Thankfully, we had a show to return to and finish before the year ended. [Totaling] a little over a month, we worked tirelessly on [seven] remaining scripts,” she recalled. “We were away from our families, yet we all worked efficiently in making sure we continue a beautiful show until its end.”

She promises that they will be showing “fresh episodes by the start of 2021″ and hopes fans would appreciate the show’s “many complexities [about] the modern family.” JB



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