My comfort crowds | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022

The year 2020 was . . . interesting. As the whole world shut down and surprised us with new antics every other week, it was challenging to keep tabs on the positive, but that didn’t mean we shouldn’t try, right?

For almost three years now, I’ve kept a journal where I list down everything I did during the day, no matter how mundane or boring the day might’ve been. On the days that I was slightly happier, I’d highlight that specific day on my yearly calendar so that every time I was feeling down, I could look back on some of the things I did that made me smile.

As I was going through my 2020 journal, hoping to find inspiration for this article, I realized what I was most grateful for: my comfort crowds who stayed beyond physical interactions.

It has always been difficult for me to maintain long-term friendships, even as I’m quite low-maintenance as a friend. Those who know me will agree that I’m not the most extroverted of people, and that I’m quite terrible at communicating my emotions, too. Not only do these people in my heart stay with me, but they constantly push me to improve, too. Even if I disappear for a few days and drop back in again like nothing happened, they chose to stay, and for that and more, I am so grateful. Words won’t ever do justice to how much love I have for all of them.

And so, to my family and to my friends who I stay up all night with, thank you for existing with me. May the following year start be bright and merry for us all! —CONTRIBUTED