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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Rica Peralejo featured
Image: Instagram/@ ricaperalejo

Rica Peralejo believes that everyone should do some fasting for all the benefits it could bring to its practitioners.

The celebrity mom, who is married to a pastor, can’t do full fasting just yet, though, because she is still breastfeeding.

“Instead, I have decided not to take anything sweet for the entire week. No sugar for me except those I get directly from fruits and juices, and whatever of brown rice is turned into such,” she said in her Instagram page yesterday, Jan. 11. “We fast so we can hear God’s voice.”

She explained that fasting is helpful because there are distractions that can affect one’s relationship with God.

“Not that we cannot hear it on a normal day where cupcakes and ice cream are consumed with abandon,” she said. “But the truth is unless we decide to put our complete gaze and appetite toward the purposes of God, distractions abound and we really think more fleshly than heavenly under such circumstances.”

Peralejo then cited the Bible and its story on Eve and the forbidden fruit to further explain her point.

“Eve saw a tree as good for food, a delight for the eyes, and it was to make one wise. The appeal made her forget what the Lord had said about the tree before this – do no eat of it or death will be upon you,” she said.

“The distraction was so effective in being so simply delightful that before long, she ate of it, and so did her husband,” she said of the story.

Rica Peralejo featured
Image: Instagram/@ricaperalejo

Peralejo then explained that people sometimes have the tendency to do things that please them, instead of considering what should please God.

“We really do skip a lot of the Lord’s way when we succumb to ours, don’t we? Even when they aren’t outright sin, even if it’s something minor unlike that of the tree and Eve, the filling things of the world have that tendency to seem like a provision for the hole only God can fill in,” she said. “It can blind you from your true needs and the True Solution.”

With that, Perelejo prays that everyone “hear more of God’s will, direction [and] wisdom.” JB


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