Why Kris Aquino sleeps with her pearls

It may sound strange to some but Philippine Queen of Talk Kris Aquino really sleeps with her pearls on, and she believes it’s for a good reason.

Kris revealed how she got to that practice when she shared a moment yesterday morning with her son Bimby, as seen on her Instagram page yesterday, Jan. 23. She was wearing several pearl jewelries as she posed with Bimby.

“Bimb’s kuya is really loving life in Tarlac… I understand 100% because his lola Cory would always bring him with her whenever she’d go to check on the Aquino center so for him, being there now gives him a sense of both freedom [and] security,” she said at first, explaining the absence of her eldest son Joshua. She then proceeded to telling how Bimby has been her companion and “literally [and] figuratively… [her] pillar of strength.”

“He knew yesterday was tough, I fell asleep before he did, pero pag gising ko (but when I woke up), my tiny hand was being held under his very big one,” she said. It was also at this point when she explained why she was wearing her pearls which do not exactly go with her oversized sleepwear.

“I read that pearls help balance hormonal fluctuations and they ease stress [and] anxiety. They are also supposed to enrich a person’s spiritual life [and] help in creating a caring [and] harmonious atmosphere at home or in the workplace. Pearls are also supposed to help love and prosperity surround the wearer,” she said. “So yes, natutulog ako with my pearls.” (So yes, I sleep with my pearls.)

She recounted that there was a time several weeks ago when she was not feeling well, so she read up on all the gems that could help her heal.

Her staff, who was staying with them, was baffled because they felt she was attending a wedding in Crazy Rich Asians-fashion with the way she looked, even though she was suffering from fatigue, body aches and a chronic urticaria attack.

Kris couldn’t help but laugh when Bimby told her, “Mama, I hope you do realize that jewelry isn’t medicine?”

Bimby has often been vocal on joking about his mother’s belief on the healing power of gems. In November last year, he teased his mom for looking “like a gangster” as she wore several jewels to address her ailments. Kris meanwhile candidly told fans, “Please don’t believe me kasi nagpapauto lang naman ako sa lahat ng librong binabasa ko.” (I allow myself to be fooled by the books I read.) JB



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