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OCTOBER 27, 2022

When the work week is over, what’s the best thing to do? Aside from doing a sheet mask and watching a Brooklyn Nine-Nine rerunit’s eating something good!

Sure, you could order your usual fast food fare. Wouldn’t that be just any other day, though? Sometimes, you have to do something different and treat yourself to something new. I mean, you’re already giving in to watching the same thing for the nth time. For your palate, introduce it to a delight you have yet to taste? 

11.11 Passionfruity+ and Grapefruity+ Drinks


Hip and happening tea shop 11.11 offers up new flavors: Passionfruity+ and the Grapefruity+. They are refreshing drinks that instantly take you to a beachside getaway. Both are great to pair with your chosen merienda. As with all 11.11 drinks, they feature natural flavors and are customizable with your choice of sinkers. 11.11 also prides itself on using local ingredients and making everything fresh every day.

You can order via GrabFood, Food Panda, and Pickaroo. You can also drop by their newest branch located at  P. Guevarra cor. Wilson St in San Juan. 

 Silvanas Dumaguete in Ube, Pandan, and Strawberry

@silvanasdumagueteph                                                                                                      Photo by mclaricee_

These silvanas are a favorite for many since childhood, and their new flavors do not disappoint. The Ube is my top pick as it’s vibrant and creamy. I could easily finish a whole box. Pandan-flavored silvanas suit those who prefer subtly flavored treats. It is creamier than the ube. The Strawberry one is most comparable to the original silvanas. They have a chewy texture, almost as if it has strawberry jam. 

The Tasteful Selections Polanco Siberian Reserve Caviar 


So fancy! Sometimes, when you want to congratulate yourself on the work you’ve done, you want to do it in a statement-making way. If this week has been particularly spectacular, go for this caviar from The Tasteful Selections. You’ll be spoiled to traditional dry caviar that has butter and nut notes—something for your charcuterie spread, other elements of which are also available at The Tasteful Selections. The ventures sources the finest novelties, such as cold cuts and cheese, straight from their origin countries. 

The Sugar-Free Bakery Limited Edition Sugar-Free Red Velvet Cake and Sugar-Free Statement Cake


Some of us have more discipline than others. To those of you who need a reward without that guilty feeling, these two diabetic-friendly and keto-friendly cakes might be for you. The Sugar-Free Bakery has a Limited Edition Sugar-Free Red Velvet Cake. It’s topped with fresh strawberries and dark chocolate hearts. On the other hand, if you want to send a sweet nothing, there’s the Statement Cake. This vanilla cake is moist, and the frosting is delicious. Both cakes come in three-inch and six-inch options perfect for a treat for one or for sharing without worrying about portion control. 

Chew Chocolate 


Chew is one of the many Instagram food shops born out of the pandemic. They provide Royce-inspired chocolates without putting a strain on your wallet. 

The small squares of chocolate in Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Matcha, and Cinnamon variants are delectable and irresistible. Kyle Rivah Pecolera of Chew describes it best, “Our Nama truffles are made thick, decadent, and rich in high-quality ingredients. I opted for truffles to have a firm consistency where you can enjoy the melt-in-the-mouth feeling without being mindful of proper storage temperature. Compared to other truffles, ours can be kept at room temperature without melting for hours, preserving its premium quality.” 

Kumori Strawberry Hanjuku Cheesecake 


This is another hit from Kumori, the place for baked Japanese treats. The latest from their kitchen is pleasantly not too sweet but still hits that spot if you’re like me, who loves sugar. It features unique textures with a half-baked Japanese-style cheesecake, a strawberry compote center, sugar and crumbles. I like how every bit component complemented one another and how the compote is rich and fresh. Best served with your favorite coffee. 


Lead photo courtesy of @isaiahcrisanto


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