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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Image: Instagram/@elissejosonn

Mental health is but an important part of one’s well-being, and actress Elisse Joson makes sure that she keeps herself sane with a few simple but effective practices.

Joson articulated some pieces of advice she believes could help one’s mental health as per her Instagram post Feb. 6, where she posted affirmations from blogger and author Rontier A. Whitfield.


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“If it doesn’t give me peace, I no longer entertain it,” she said in her post.

Joson is making her mental health a priority and she advises that “a break is always good for you”.

She shared some activities which make her address her need for a sound mind.

Elisse Joson
Elisse Joson. Image: Instagram/@elissejosonn

One is taking a pause. “Whatever I’m doing, I take a minute to pause,” she said.

Two is reading books or any material which will help her reflect. “It’s like I’m connecting to Him and He’s reaching out to me,” Joson explained.

At some point, Joson needs to disconnect from the real world.

“No social media for me. And sometimes, distancing from people too, for a little while… so for my friends or supporters that are offended, know that I am just giving myself some time off for my well-being but I care. And appreciate you,” she said.

Taking a shower is another way she resets. “Oh, this helps me so much. Immediate positive response from my whole body, any scientific explanation for this?” she said.

If a shower can’t be done, Joson suggests splashing water on one’s face to get refreshed.

Lastly, Joson recommends naming one thing that you’re grateful for.

“Take care of yourself, you are important,” she emphasized.

The actress recently starred in the iWantTFC series “Horrorscope,” released last January. NVG


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