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OCTOBER 27, 2022


Contact lenses are one of the most practical ways to correct vision. But unlike most medical or corrective devices, choosing the correct pair uses criteria based not just on the integrity of the device, but also on other factors such as comfort and aesthetic.

An informal survey among contact lens users asked them what factors they like or dislike when it comes to contact lenses. The survey sampled people who have tried OWNDAYS Clear Vision Contact Lenses in an attempt to find insight into what they consider as a good contact lens. The survey found that ease of use and comfort rank high among the factors that they take into account. These are the same factors that the respondents frequently cited as what they observed when they tried OWNDAYS Clear Vision Contact Lenses.

OW In fact, ease-of-use and comfort were the most frequent qualities cited by customers who tried the OWNDAYS Clear Vision Contact Lenses. Some even said that the lenses felt “soft” and “lightweight”.



Contact lens users know that clarity is one of the most important criteria when it comes to choosing a pair. Because contact lenses fit perfectly on the curvature of the eye, any imperfection on the lenses’ clarity can be a very irritating flaw.

Almost 70% of the respondents to the survey rated OWNDAYS Clear Vision Contact Lenses a 5 out of 5 in visual clarity. Overall, most were satisfied with OWNDAYS Clear Vision Contact Lenses when it came to this aspect.


Consistently, on two survey questions regarding ease-of use, almost all the respondents found OWNDAYS Clear Vision Contact Lenses to be easy to fit and easy to get used to. 

This was consistent with the other finding that only a small number of the respondents experienced headaches, dizziness, pain, redness or other feelings of discomfort while wearing OWNDAYS Clear Vision Contact Lenses.

“[It’s a] good fit; [I] can’t feel them at all,” commented one customer, while another said they were “easy to fit”, and that “it doesn’t feel dry, and there’s no foreign body sensation” while wearing the lenses. In fact, the imperceptibility of the lenses is the feature that most users liked best about OWNDAYS Clear Vision Contact Lenses, calling them “soft”, “breathable”, and “lightweight.” 

The respondents also remarked favorably on the clarity of the lenses themselves as the quality they liked most about OWNDAYS Clear Vision Contact Lenses.

The lenses were also “easy to handle”, according to one respondent, a criteria that most contact lens users consider important because it aids not just the act of putting on the lenses, but also in keeping them clean.


Almost 90% of the customers surveyed could not find anything they disliked about the lenses, with some only remarking on how they would like for the lenses to have more variety in the selection and accessibility, such as colored contacts and more affordable choices.

Eighty-five percent of the respondents, who have tried OWNDAYS Clear Vision Contact Lenses said that they preferred OWNDAYS Clear Vision Contact Lenses over their current brand of contact lenses.

In all, the informal users’ survey showed an overall positive opinion of OWNDAYS Clear Vision Contact Lenses based on their first-hand experience with the product.




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