Fujidenzo HD inverter split aircon with air purifying filters: What you need to know
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Fujidenzo aircon

Fujidenzo HD inverter split aircon with air purifying filters: What you need to know

While some offices continue to operate during the new normal, many households were unprepared for the entire family’s transition to work-from-home setup. However, whether you’re in the office or at home, it’s important to have an efficient and safe workspace to help increase your overall productivity.

That is why Fujidenzo, one of the most trusted appliance brands for home and business, offers the best cooling solution to help you achieve a conducive environment, be it at home or in the office.

Fujidenzo aircon

Fujidenzo introduces the HD Premium Inverter Split Type Aircon with Air Purifying Filters, this newest addition to its wide selection of air conditioners come in different cooling capacities: the PIS100T (1HP), PIS150T (1.5HP), PIS200T (2.0HP), and PIS250T (2.5HP). 

Here are the things everyone should know about this latest essential from Fujidenzo:

Air Purifying Filters for Cleaner Air

The new Fujidenzo Split Type Air Conditioner not only provides cool temperature, but also improves indoor air quality. It’s equipped with a powerful Air Purifying System: the HEPA Filter + Ionizer which filter out 99.97% of tiny dust, pollen, mold, and other airborne particles, as well as neutralizes all the harmful elements to achieve a healthier air, and the High-Density Filter which removes comparatively large air pollutants like fibers and pet hair. These air purifying filters help you create a more secure environment to support your work, avoiding health problems primarily caused by bacteria and viruses.

Fujidenzo aircon

Premium Inverter for Big Energy Savings

Powered by Premium Inverter Technology, the Fujidenzo PIS Series takes your workspace to the next level as it lets you save up to 60% energy. This energy-efficient appliance consumes less electricity so you don’t have to worry about your electricity bill. It’s also equipped with an R410a refrigerant that is eco-friendly, has zero ozone depletion potential, and offers less noise so you won’t get disturbed during your peak times at work. 

Heavy-Duty Appliance for Long-Term Investment

The Fujidenzo HD Premium Inverter Split Type Aircon is the perfect investment for home and commercial use as it is made of heavy-duty materials. It has a Gold Fin Condenser that provides more energy savings due to its superb heat exchange rate, and durability as it’s highly resistant to rust and corrosion. So if you’re worried about breaking the bank, don’t worry because the long-term reliability of this aircon makes it worth the purchase.

Fujidenzo aircon

It also has a hidden LED display that projects an elegant look, and remote control for convenience and ease of use. This innovative product from Fujidenzo is indeed a total game changer. Not only it can help circulate cool and fresh air in a large space but is also aesthetically pleasing to fit any room design. 

Maintain the right temperature at which you work best with the new Fujidenzo HD Premium Inverter Split Type Aircon with HEPA + Ionizer Air Purifying System. With over 400 service centers nationwide, it comes with a warranty of 5 years on the compressor and 1 year on parts and service. 

Exclusively distributed by Excellence Appliance Technologies, Fujidenzo products are available in all leading appliance stores nationwide. Drop by their showrooms located in Quezon City, Cebu, Davao, Bacolod, Iloilo, Palawan, and Legazpi. For more information, visit their website at www.fujidenzo.com or their Facebook page at Fujidenzo Appliances.