Perk up your Summer with the Philippines’ first hard Seltzer
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Spritz Hard Seltzer

Perk up your Summer with the Philippines’ first hard Seltzer

This summer requires all of us to choose new ways, take on different paths, explore a variety of ventures, and others. And to achieve just that, Spritz Hard Seltzer introduces itself to the market as the Philippines’ first hard seltzer to provide us with an even newer experience like never before.

Just like how Robertet Philippines puts it, the essence of a hard seltzer thrives on three key features: it’s good, it’s clean, and it’s fun. 

“It’s all about laughing with friends, dancing under the stars, riding the crest of the moment, (and being) thoroughly engaged in the experience at hand” (Robertet Philippines, 2020). 

For most people, Hard Seltzers are specifically concocted as a summer drink. Being America’s number-one summer drink, it makes its way all the way to the Philippines to tell us exactly what it means to drink a Hard Seltzer. 

Celebrating Summer with a Hard Seltzer

Summer is a time for basking ourselves in the heat and rays of the sun along with sharing moments with those whom we all love to hang out with. Hard Seltzers, by nature, makes it a more refreshing experience and makes it easier for us since they are designed to stir up the occasion due to it being a guilt-free drink. 

Spritz Hard Seltzer is an ideal refreshment partner this summer given its low sugar content, low carb content and low in calories

Spritz Hard Seltzer

Adding the fact that it has a very low alcohol content (3.5%) and the refreshing flavor options of Dalandan and Apple, you can basically have as much as you want. What makes it so different from other drinks is that it responds both to the demand for carbonated drinks during summer and the need for healthier options (especially to those who follow a strict diet). 

Given that, it places itself on the market as among the healthier choices for low-calorie alcoholic beverages that have just the right hit. Regardless of the person, Spritz Hard Seltzer allows you to meet new people and to explore new experiences with them. Perfectly portable and Instagram-able cans, it enables you to fully claim your summer for all that it has to offer.  Not to mention that it is also the perfect light drink partner for your socially distanced and chill backyard parties or even your weekly virtual hangouts with friends.

For the Adventurous

Most drinkers would agree that they are constantly in need of experiencing something a little bit different— something that entices their curiosity well enough to exert all energies in pursuit of the new experience. Such is the gift of youth; we are a generation that wants to take on the world for everything that it has in store for us, and we absolutely want to make sure that our youth is something worth remembering as we take pride in sharing it to our future grandchildren, sharing how much fun and happiness you have experienced in your younger years. 

And through it all, trust that Spritz Hard Seltzer will be along with you as you continue to pursue even newer adventures. 

Never hold back; our youth serves as the opportunity to become even bolder, to become even braver, and to become ever-daring as we take on the challenges life has to offer. And at the end of that, a cool, refreshing, and flavorful hard seltzer becomes one of the best rewards in both triumph and travails.





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