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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Tanduay Ice

The world has come a long way when it comes to how consumer behavior is predicted and defined. It used to be a one-way street wherein advertisers have the sole control of dictating what is the next big thing for the public to consume. And this radical switch in the landscape plus the continuously fast-paced growth of social media allowed for these younger generations – Gen Z and Millennials – to really take over and start trends that strongly influence how people discover and buy things that they both need and want. 

The people belonging to these generations, particularly the Gen Z, are digital natives. They comprise a large, economically powerful group and though they can be demanding, they do not want to be force fed when it comes to the products being sold to them and would rather opt for actual experience and decide on their own terms. Collectively, they have a massive buying power and are either always on the lookout for trends or setting them. 

Now picture this, young professionals in their early 20s looking to enjoy a relaxing, chill Friday night after a long demanding week of work. They are thinking of fun, exciting activities to do so that they can hangout and unwind. They are all about trying something new – new food, visiting new places and yes even enjoying a refreshing new drink while they bond over stories of good vibes. 

Tanduay Ice
ASC Reference No: A093P053121TS

Tanduay Ice, your favorite alcopop beverage that gives you that perfect mix of a soda taste + the right hit that you get from a booze has now come out with an exciting and refreshing new flavor, Tanduay Ice Vodka Lime Ginger. It has a refreshing lime ginger flavor with the right kick (6% ABV) perfect for casual, easy going drinkers who are looking to drink something that is light and tastes good at the right price without getting you the hassle of a hangover from being drunk. 

Another exciting thing about the NEW Tanduay Ice Vodka Lime Ginger? It is the first Tanduay Ice variant in amber bottle, giving off that cool, throwback vibe. But apart from its classic look, amber glass bottles provide excellent UV and blue light protection to keep your drink fresh and safe. 

ASC Clearance No. A094P053121TS

According to Jill Villanueva, Marketing Manager for Tanduay Ice, 

“We are very much excited to introduce the newest addition to our Tanduay Ice offerings, Tanduay Ice Vodka Lime Ginger. It is about time that we give our young and loyal customers a new alcomix drink that is at par if not even better than its competitors, has the right sweetness and is also easy on the throat. A perfect partner for that refreshing and easy drinking experience.” 

The NEW Tanduay Ice Vodka Lime Ginger, with its new look and flavor infused with the perfect blend of lime and ginger to give you that refreshing kick with a twist, is truly the perfect drink to give you that positive and easy feeling every single time you enjoy with your friends and family.

So make the switch now. It is about time you taste the coolest talk of the town!





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