Aubrey Miles to those who ask why she keeps plants indoors: Why put fish in a tank? | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022

aubrey miles plants ig
Aubrey Miles. Image: Instagram/milesaubrey

Certified plantita Aubrey Miles keeps some of her plants indoors, something which leads to her having to explain this preference at times.

“Sometimes people would ask me ‘why put your plant indoors?’ It’s not their natural habitat and it’s probably not gonna do well,” the actress said in her Instagram page yesterday, June 6. “Do you ever ask someone how come people put fish in a tank or bird in cage or some living things that aren’t meant indoors.”

Putting plants indoors can be beneficial to both the plants and the plant owner, Miles stressed. For her, there’s nothing wrong with it, “as long as we give them good quality [of] life and they give us happiness.”


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“My plants being indoors are doing well. I’ve had to take some outside already because most of them have grown. I give updates on the plants I’ve posted and some of my plants I’ve traded or sold,” she said.

aubrey miles plants ig
Aubrey Miles. Image: Instagram/milesaubrey

“It’s how I explore and upgrade my collection,” the actress added. “You buy and sell, I trade and I give/gift. I’m not a plant seller but this is normal for a plant collector. We keep a lot and we also let some go for others to enjoy.”

Last May, Miles showed fellow plant lovers an indoor mini greenhouse which she set up to protect her plants from dehydration during that period’s dry and hot weather. JB


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