Worried about the hot weather causing diaper rash? These moms turned to Pampers’ next-level breathable diapers

Worried about the hot weather causing diaper rash? These moms turned to Pampers’ next-level breathable diapers

Parenting does not have a one-size-fits-all rule, but one thing is for sure: mommies do everything they can to make sure their babies are happy, comfortable, and healthy. But no matter how careful you are, most babies eventually develop diaper rash.

This irritation commonly develops on your baby’s little bottom, typically appearing as red, warm, inflamed skin with slightly raised bumps. Diaper rash is commonly caused by several factors, like rubbing and chafing, and sensitive skin. But the most common factor is when your baby’s skin is unable to breathe from uncomfortable diapers. Add the type of weather in the Philippines, and it’s an unfortunate recipe for “kulob”, often resulting in diaper rash.

While there are products that can soothe a baby’s sore skin or create a protective barrier, the best thing is still to prevent diaper rashes from developing. Pampers heeds the call of moms hoping to protect their baby’s bottom from diaper rash with the newest Aircon Pants.

Turn to the newest Pampers Aircon Pants to keep your child having that “aircon presko” feeling. This new type of diapers also delivers superior breathability, making babies feel up to five degrees cooler, thanks to the 10 million microholes in the diapers

With Pampers, your baby’s protection and comfort are guaranteed. Learn from these two moms who decided to #ChoosePampers to protect their babies’ from diaper rash.


Dealing with stress and discomfort

Ica Hontiveros-Cheng, mom of three-year-old Luke, shares the stress of having to deal with diaper rash on her baby. “I would be so stressed out because he would [keep on crying] [because of] the pain and discomfort [from the rash],” she said.

According to Ica, she felt sorry for Luke, so she decided to switch to a different diaper brand: Pampers. She shares, “Pampers is a known and trusted brand, and [I know] a lot of mommies use [it]. The pants style is [the perfect fit] for Luke, who is super kulit. We also have to deal with fewer leaks, and [since we switched to Pampers], he hasn’t had diaper rash [since].”

Pampers Aircon Pants

Relying on a trusted brand

Some moms, on the other hand, tend to err on the side of caution. Paula H., mom of two kids, knows that having diaper rash can cause discomfort and irritation, or even infection, to her kids. She shares that this could then cause lack of sleep for the child at the stage when they need sleep the most for full brain development.

She also happens to be one of the few lucky ones whose children have never had diaper rash. “My first-born never had diaper rash. My almost two-week-old second son has never had rashes too, so far,” she shares. So what’s her secret?

She recalls, “We’ve literally tried almost all kinds of diapers for our first child back in 2017. From the cheapest to the most expensive, at the end of the day, comfort for our child is priceless. We have seen how Pampers diapers remain soft even after long hours of use and don’t cause major leaks. Diaper promos on Lazada or the ‘Subscribe & Save’ program of Pampers with Edamama help us parents choose the best at a lower cost, and without leaving the comforts of our home.”

While diaper rash is a common problem for babies, it can be prevented. Learning from Mommy Paula’s experience, researching and asking around about the first-hand experience from a trusted diaper brand like Pampers from other moms is essential. 


Keep your baby’s bottom “presko” and protected with a pack of Pampers Aircon Pants available in Edamama, Shopee, and Lazada, and in major groceries, drug stores, and supermarkets nationwide.





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