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OCTOBER 27, 2022

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Gretchen Fullido. Image: Instagram/@gretsfullido

For TV anchor Gretchen Fullido, there is no such thing as “forever” — at least among plants.

Fullido made her point in an Instagram post last Thursday, July 22, where she showed a plant whose leaves have already turned yellow.

“Walang ‘forever’ sa halaman bow,” Fullido quipped. (There is no forever in plants. Bow.)

To further prove her point, she explained what happened to her plant.

“Plants, like this Philodendron SP Colombia NOID as they age, will shed their lower leaves, absorbing the nutrients and pushing out new growth — as you can see, there’s a new leaf unfurling,” she said.

“If your plant is otherwise healthy and growing, and yellowing is only on the bottom leaves (usually the most mature), this is natural,” she added. “Oldest leaves die off as the plant ages, or perhaps while it adjusts to our indoor environments or seasonal changes.”



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Fullido noted that “you know you’re experiencing a normal leaf life cycle if there isn’t strange [discoloration] or abnormal patterning of the yellowing (they elegantly fade from green to yellow to brown).”

“Fresh growth replacing them is also a healthy and good sign,” she said.

Aside from being a self-confessed plantita, Fullido is also known to be an animal lover and environmental advocate. She has pet dogs and promotes the preservation of the ocean and the environment. JB


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