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OCTOBER 27, 2022

I recently received via email questions from a Kailyn Conkling of the United States about astral projection.

Let me first define this term. Astral projection (also called out-of-body experience) or astral travel is the process of projecting your astral body out of your physical body. It is a natural phenomenon that happens to almost everybody while asleep.

The astral body is one of the seven bodies (or frequencies) that make up our physical body. It is invisible to ordinary sight and therefore its existence, as well as the other subtle bodies of man, is denied by Western science. However, it has been known since ancient times in the Eastern esoteric or spiritual sciences.

The astral body normally detaches itself from the physical body during sleep, but this may also happen while a person is awake. The astral body can go wherever it wants to. That is why it is also referred to as the “Desire Body.”

In Eastern esoteric sciences, the astral body is believed to be “a subtle counterpart of the physical body that accompanies it but is not separated from it in life. It is also believed that the astral body survives physical death.

Now, let me answer Conkling’s questions:

Does astral projection feel real, or does it feel more like a dream?

Both are possible depending on how your astral body is projected out of your physical counterpart. There are four possible ways in which a person can project his astral body.

First, involuntary and unconscious: The astral body is out, but you did not intend to do this, and neither were you aware of it. This may be dreamlike. For example, if you dream you are flying, it is because your astral body is flying, but your physical body lies in bed asleep.

Second, involuntary and conscious: You wake up from sleep and find yourself out of your body without intending to. You see your physical body on the bed and you usually panic and think you are dead.

Third, voluntary and unconscious: You will yourself to project your astral body. You succeed in doing so but are not aware of it.

Fourth, voluntary and conscious: You project your astral body consciously and you are aware you have succeeded in doing so. The great monks of Tibet and yogis of India are able to do this at will. And they go wherever they want and are sometimes seen by other people far away from where their physical bodies are. In this fourth type of astral projection, you are aware that you are out of your body.

Multiple places

Can I astral project to multiple places in one session?

Yes, you may go anywhere you want to while out of your body. As I said before, the astral body is also called the “Desire Body.” It can go wherever you want to, even to faraway outer space.

Will everybody see me when I am out of my body?

Ordinarily, the astral body cannot be seen, but clairvoyants, those with an open Third Eye, can see you. Animals like dogs and cats can also see the astral body.

If so, on question three, how will I like look to others?

The same way you look when in your physical form. You will be wearing the same clothes at the time.

Can I be harmed by others when in the astral form? Or would their hands or whatever go through me?

I am not sure how to answer this question. I suppose it depends on what level or plane in the astral world you find yourself in. If too near the physical, it is possible for you to be stopped by a solid wall. But then, there are usually friendly spirit guides that will protect you from harm.

There are cases I know in which a person in the astral plane was able to collect, touch or move a physical object. And in one story told to me, a teenage girl who was out of the body saw some ripe papaya fruit. She took a bite of the papaya, and when she was back to her physical body, there was a piece of papaya in her mouth.

Could I go through walls like a ghost?

Yes, if you think or will yourself to go through walls. If you think of the wall as solid and hard, you will not go through it.

How do I go to different places?

Just by thinking of going there. Remember that the astral body is the Desire Body.

How do I avoid going into the lower realms? And being sucked by monstrous creatures?

By having a positive attitude when you go to sleep and making a resolution that you will only go to beautiful places in the astral world.

How do I get back to my physical body?

By simply thinking of getting back to your physical body and not panicking. If you panic, the more difficult it will be for you to get back, but you will eventually be able to. The trick here is to keep calm and you will surely get back to your physical body, feeling fine and in perfect health.

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