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OCTOBER 27, 2022

It cannot be avoided. Situations in your life that may seem to overwhelm you can oftentimes leave you powerless. Emphasis on the word “seem,” because nothing, really, is what it seems.

Here are ways to move the pressure around and out of your body through what is called energy intervention.

Dead end

Yes, while challenges in life could lead to a dead end, the feeling is just an illusion. Stressful situations trigger fear within everyone. When you are at this point, here’s what you can do: fight depression by first accepting that every cell in your body needs to be revitalized.

When you are depressed, energy is not moving as well as it should. In fact, it gets trapped and is heavy—thus, the expression “I’m down.”

To get the energy flowing again, stretch for three minutes.

Ever so gently, stretch the skin on your face, scalp and neck. Do you know that the effect is beneficial stimulation to the stomach, small and large intestine, bladder and gallbladder?

One quick response is by placing your middle fingers in your upper lip, and tracing the sides of the mouth. Do the same on the lower lip going upward.

Give yourself a light scalp massage while you’re at it by this scalp treatment:

Coco-Aloe Tonic

½ tbsp virgin coconut oil

1 stem fresh aloe vera (peeled and washed)

2 tbsp fresh coconut  milk

Mash and mix all the ingredients, or combine in blender.

Rub gently on the scalp. Leave on for 20 minutes. Shampoo and rinse.

Heart-Womb Connection (for women only)

Whether standing, lying down or sitting, place one hand over the middle of your chest or heart area (chakra) and the other hand over your womb chakra. Be receptive to the flow of energy connecting you. Breathe slowly and deeply for three minutes. This is a powerful exercise designed to make you feel a sense of alertness and creatively within. Above all, it is calming.

Slimming the waistline

Would you believe that if you raise the oxygen level within the body, you can get slimmer?

Oxygen breaks down fat molecules while turning them into carbon dioxide and water. Our bodies are designed to process toxins and discharge them, and if you combine this with deep breathing, expect more than two-thirds of these toxins to be released.

The opposite is also true with shortness of breath and low oxygen; digestion of food and absorption of nutrients plunges by an alarming 72 percent. That is why it is important to remember the golden rule: never eat while under stress or on the run because it can seriously interrupt your digestion.

Note: The metabolic rate of your body can increase by 30 percent when oxygen intake is also increased. So, the lesson for us all is to breathe.

Deep breathing exercises can triple the fat-burning oxygen within the body and improve digestion by 70 percent.

Breathe to slim down:

Inhale six counts, hold two counts, exhale six counts (6-2-6). Or, you can do, inhale five counts, hold three counts, exhale five counts (5,3,5). Do this for five minutes each day.

Bubble light

Imagine a bubble of light, and the colors pink, blue or white coming down from the sky. You may also see it in your mind’s eye as coming directly from the moon, in which case you will choose silver. This bubble engulfs you completely. Feel safe and secure now.

Affirmation: “I have limitless energy.”

Love and Light!

Reference: Energy Medicine for Women by Donna Eden with David Feinstein, PhD

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