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OCTOBER 27, 2022


As I pointed out in the first part of this column, critics of psychic phenomena have stubbornly maintained their untenable position that  psychic abilities such as telepathy, clairvoyance and telekinesis do not exist because they have not bothered to look at the massive scientific evidence that have been written over the last 100 years.

There was one publicity-seeking magician who put up a prize of $1 million to anyone who can prove that psychic ability exists. According to him, after over two decades of waiting, nobody had claimed the prize. It is obvious that this skeptic has not bothered to pore over the tons of scientific proof of the existence of psychic ability, and no amount of scientific proof thrown in his face will ever convince him. Such die-hard skepticism may change soon.

Recently, I received a very informative book that may silence those critics who think that there is no scientific evidence for psychic abilities. This book is entitled “The Noetic Universe, The Scientific Evidence for Psychic Phenomena” by Dr. Dean Radin, senior scientist at the Institute of Noetic Science, was kindly sent to me from London by Jacqui, a former student of mine, who is the daughter of my friend Dr. Jayne Yu.

The book was published by Corgi Books in London in 2009. The book contains 17 pages of footnotes and 29 pages of references and bibliography.

In his introduction to the 2009 edition of his book, Dr. Radin stated boldly: “The idea is that those compelling, perplexing and sometimes profound human experiences known as ‘psychic phenomena’ are real… The reality of psychic phenomena is now no longer based solely upon faith, or wishful thinking, or absorbing anecdotes. It is not even based upon the results of a few scientific experiments.

“Instead, we know these phenomena exist, because of new ways of evaluating massive amounts of scientific evidence collected over a century by scores of researchers… There are disagreements over how to interpret the evidence, but the fact is that virtually all scientists who have studied the evidence, including the hard-nose skeptics, now agree that something interesting is going on that merits serious scientific attention.”

One of the main reasons for the hesitancy of scientists to accept the existence of psychic phenomena is the fear that to believe in them would be to destroy the very foundations of science, because such phenomena do not conform to the accepted laws or principles of science.

Physical universe

I don’t think this will happen. We must remember that Western science was developed to study and understand the workings of the physical universe. As such, its methodology is perfect and cannot be questioned. Since it was never meant to study or describe non-physical phenomena, it lacks the theory, methodology or principles governing such nonphysical phenomena as psychic powers, astral projection, or ghostly apparitions.

To use the orthodox scientific method for these nonphysical phenomena would be to use the wrong instruments. The principles of science are not wrong. Newton and the rest of the great physical scientists are not wrong. Science is simply inadequate to explain the whole range of human experience and phenomena.

What present-day science knows and accepts is but a tiny portion of reality. Outside of this, the unknown, is vast and infinite.

As Charlie Brown, the popular character in Charles Schulz’s Peanuts, said: “You can’t solve new math problems with an old math mind.” That’s why die-hard materialist scientists will never find an adequate scientific explanation of psychic and paranormal phenomena, simply because their methodology does not apply to the nonmaterial universe.

The field of quantum physics, however, is beginning to unravel some of the mystery. It has shown that in the realm of particle physics, or in the quantum level, the laws of Newtonian physics do not apply. What applies in those very tiny, non-visible particles is thought or consciousness. That’s why traditional physicists cannot explain what happens in telepathy, clairvoyance or telekinesis.

The importance of Dr. Radin’s book is that not only does he present the side of the believers in ESP and psychic phenomena, but also the side of the skeptics, as well. And he discusses these two parts in a balanced, objective and impersonal matter. In the end, he proved that skeptics have no ground to stand on. But will they ever give in and finally accept the reality of psychic and paranormal phenomena? Heck, no!

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