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Listen to the voice of martial law survivor Etta Rosales.

#NeverForget: Podcasts about martial law that you need to listen to

The passage of time can distort how we remember the truth. In the age of disinformation, some people use social media and fake news to loosen our grip on what really happened during the Marcos dictatorship. Here are some locally produced podcasts about martial law that put things into perspective and help us #NeverForget.

‘Nostalgia for the martial law days? What’s that all about?’ by Teka Teka News

Understanding the past prevents us from repeating it. So where is martial law nostalgia coming from? What are the dangers of looking at history through rose-tinted lenses?

Teka Teka explores the dangers of looking at history through rose-tinted glasses.

Veteran journalists Roby Alampay and Inday Espina-Varona discuss the role of social media in propagating watered-down versions of history, and human rights lawyer Ross Tugade emphasizes the responsibility of social institutions in drawing the line between martial law facts and opinions.

‘Golden age ba talaga ng ekonomiya ang Marcos years?’ by Usapang Econ

There are those who justify the Marcos dictatorship by citing a supposed golden age in our economy. But while there was some growth in those times, it benefited only a fraction of the population, and the overall economic situation was so bleak that even generations to come will be paying off the debt they plunged us into.

In this podcast, young economists JC Punongbayan and Maien Vital look at data from governmental and international sources to debunk common economic myths that try to revise our history.

‘Habilin’ podcast series by Give a Hoot

Do you have two minutes? You can learn about a hero who fought during martial law.

Each two-minute episode in the “Habilin” series by the Give a Hoot podcast recognizes the lesser-known heroes of martial law. From a comedian to a beauty queen, a martial artist to a binukot, “Habilin” shows that anyone can be a hero.

Listen to the voice of martial law survivor Etta Rosales.

Also available as an animated video series on the Commission on Human Rights Facebook and Youtube pages, this 12-part series is great for teaching kids the importance of standing up for your rights and the rights of others.

‘The Ninoy Aquino Spy Thriller’ by What’s AP? Araling Panlipunan Rebooted

We all know about the day Ninoy Aquino came home. But have you heard about the fake passport, threatening telegram and other James Bond-esque events that led to that fateful day?

Historian Sab Schnabel and history nerd Ceej Tantengco talk about Ninoy’s exile in the United States, dig into the account of Ninoy’s own brother-in-law who was on the same flight home, and relive the spy thriller-worthy twists and turns it took to get him home.

‘Tula Somebody: Pete Lacaba x BLKD’ by The Linya Linya Show

Battle rapper BLKD and The Linya-Linya Show host Ali Sangalang read and analyze “Ang Matatanda” and “Ang Mga Walang Pangalan” by multiawarded poet Pete Lacaba. These poems touch on themes of not forgetting history and the people who made it. This episode is part of the “Tula Somebody” podcast series which celebrates Filipino literature.

Fighting revisionism with poetry

In the episode, BLKD and Sangalang, both writers in their own right, discuss the strength of words, in any form, in recognizing the truth of our past and fighting historical revisionism.

‘Tula Somebody: Lualhati Bautista x Etta Rosales’ by The Linya Linya Show

Teacher, activist and martial law survivor Etta Rosales read the poems of writer Lualhati Bautista, known for her novels “Dekada ’70” and “Bata, Bata, Pa’no Ka Ginawa?”

Rosales and The Linya Linya Show host Ali Sangalang discuss the themes of “Pag-ibig at Paninindigan,” “Babae” and “Kasal,” and what these say about our civic responsibilities during turbulent times.

JC Punongbayan and Maien Vital debunk myths in Usapang Econ.

In the episode, Bautista herself expresses pride that the youth are interested to learn about our country’s history, and encourages them to keep writing and advocating for Filipino literature.