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How to make wash day not feel like a chore

I’ll do it later is what people often say when the laundry seems to be piling up. You delay the chore until you can delay no more. The question is, how do you stop the dread during laundry day? What you need is some of that Monica-Geller attitude. She doesn’t see washing clothes as a chore — she sees it as an exciting activity to do at home.

Pair Monica Geller’s no-can-do attitude with the Samsung AI Washing Machine and you might turn the dread for laundry day into excitement. Here’s why.

Samsung AI Washing Machine
Photo courtesy of Samsung | Samsung WD13TP44DSX

Turn it into something to look forward to

Reframe how you see laundry day. Just like any other task, washing your clothes can seem exhausting. One way to get rid of the dread is to change how you see it, starting with the “add a carrot” incentive. For every pile of clothes washed, cleaned, and dried, treat yourself to a cookie or 10-15 minutes of your favorite show.

With the Samsung Washing Machine’s 4-Sensors Intelligence, you can get the best washing results with less waste and effort — and more cookies. This smart washing machine makes the experience hassle-free, thanks to its turbidity sensor that monitors the level of soiling, and if required, adds more detergent or rinsing time.


Get it out of the way right away

Another way to go about laundry day is to tick it off first thing in the morning and reserve your favorite chores by the end of the day. This can also work to prevent “decision fatigue”. Get the laundry out of the way so you’re not worn out before the day’s over.

The Samsung AI Washing Machine can tremendously help in making less decisions because its AI Control personalizes washing by taking note of your habits, suggesting cycles, automatically choosing the perfect drying course, and even displaying timely information. Channel your inner Monica Geller and download the SmartThings App for more advice on cycles, planning, and troubleshooting.

Samsung AI Washing Machine
Photo courtesy of Samsung | Samsung WD13TP44DSX


Look at it as an exercise of sorts

Exercise is a necessity. But with everyone cooped up at home, working out has been a sort of challenge, with the absence of gyms or active parks. A huge chunk of your day is spent on housework, so start counting laundry as one of your exercises. Getting the clothes out of the laundry basket and putting them into the washing machine is, in itself, an exercise — a not-so-heavy-lifting — of sorts.

The good thing is the Samsung AI Washing Machine has a 13KG capacity in a single load. Just imagine the number of squats you can make with 30 pairs of trousers, 34 shirts, or 108 towers* that need to be loaded into the washing machine. There’s even space for large stuff, like a king-sized duvet.


Treat it as a break, not a task

Think of laundry day as an opportunity for a time-out. Monica probably has this mindset where she finds washing her clothes as a therapeutic activity. Imagine this: once all the piles of dirty clothes have been loaded into the washing machine, light a candle, put on your favorite song or playlist, and relax.

And thanks to the Samsung AI Washing Machine’s Super Speed feature, you can cut your daily laundry time and still get your clothes thoroughly cleaned in just 39 minutes. Save time and effort by moving clothes dynamically with the QuickDrive™ and let the Eco Bubble™ handle the powerful cleaning required. Moreover, the Speed Spray shortens the rinsing time and accelerates the spin speed. All these are based on using Super Speed at the default settings with a 5KG load.

Look in anticipation come laundry day with a smart, powerful, and reliable washing machine like that of Samsung. The new AI-powered washing machine is a must-have at home, with its remarkable features getting the job done and making laundry day a hassle-free experience.

Make laundry days easier with the efficient and intelligent AI-powered washing cycle of Samsung’s latest Washing Machines. For more information, go to or visit nearby Samsung stores and authorized dealers nationwide.

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