Craving comfort and cheer? Reach for Magnolia Gold Label
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Craving comfort and cheer? Reach for Magnolia Gold Label

Comfort. This is perhaps the first thing that comes to mind, when you think of ice cream. There is something so incredibly satisfying and reassuring about the velvety, rich, and creamy frozen food that makes it our go-to, must-have treat when we need a helping of comfort and cheer in our lives–and no one understands this more than Magnolia Ice Cream, the country’s trusted name in delicious dairy delights. Since 1925, Magnolia has been providing Filipinos with high-quality products that deliver comfort and goodness, with every bite. Now, with its new Magnolia Gold Label product line, the brand serves up premium, palate-pleasing, soul-soothing ice cream that will surely hit the sweet spot of satisfaction—minus the hefty price tag.


Why we scream for ice cream

Ice cream that is produced with the choicest, most authentic ingredients not only tantalizes your taste buds—it also actually makes you feel good all over.

Real milk, real goodness

Real ice cream—the really good kind— is made with pure milk and natural flavors. You know, the good stuff. This is what you get in every tub of Magnolia’s new Gold Label collection of ice creams. Now made with fresh carabao’s milk, Magnolia Gold Label is certified pure with no artificial flavors. That means you can savor the luxurious taste of top-shelf ice cream, loaded with all the benefits of comfort food at its finest. What’s more, because of Magnolia’s longstanding commitment to Filipino consumers, high quality does not necessarily mean high price. Magnolia Gold Label is accessibly-priced to tickle your tummy without breaking the bank.

Flavors that shine through


Let’s talk about flavor: When it comes to genuine good-for-you goodness, artificial flavors don’t quite make the grade.  The Magnolia Gold Label collection is certified pure with no artificial flavors, so you can enjoy the indulgent, natural taste of your favorite ice cream variants.

Certain flavors can be nostalgic as well, bringing back happy memories and renewed hope for a better tomorrow. Relish a delectable, trip down memory lane with Magnolia Gold Label’s classic flavors (Vanilla, Cookies & Cream, Double Dutch, Rocky Road, Chocolate, to name a few), now made even yummier. Or, make some fresh food memories with exciting new flavors like Smores, Choco Peanut Butter, Tablea Yema, Avocado Macchiato, Quadruple Chocolate, Wintermelon Milk Tea, and Taro White Cheese.

So, next time you’re feeling a peculiar shade of blue and need a pick-me-up, go for premium and pure—go for golden and scoop into a tub of Magnolia Gold Label ice cream. Good thing is, you can these frozen delights at slashed prices (you can get it at just Php295, originally at Php350), at all leading supermarkets or via online at the The SMC Hub or at the  San Miguel Frozen & Chilled in Shopee, Lazadain other online partners. An even better thing–the promo will run until December 31, 2021. So go satisfy that ice cream craving now! BrandRoom/AD