Benjamin Alves believes newlyweds Tom Rodriguez and Carla Abellana are perfect for each other

Kapuso actor Benjamin Alves thinks newlywed couple Tom Rodriguez and Carla Abellana complement each other, making their romantic pairing a perfect one.

Alves shared his last conversation with his friend Rodriguez before his wedding to Abellana, as seen on his Instagram page yesterday, Oct. 23, where he shared a photo of the couple holding a bouquet of roses and their pet dog, and with Abellana showing her ring.

“I just got off the phone with Tom and the first thing I asked him was: are you gonna cry when you see Carla later?” Alves said.

Rodriguez answered, “brader kagabi palang (Brother, since last night) I can feel the jitters… Di ko na kailangan ng (I don’t need an) actor’s cue (jokingly).”

“Brother, you’ve had actor’s cue for 7 years na!” Alves joked back.

Alves believes that “this union couldn’t have happened to two better people.”

“A relationship is defined by how much better you are with your partner than without – Tom and Carla is the best example of this. I’ve witnessed it. Carla keeps everything organized and on schedule while Tom is more fluid with the changes,” he shared.

While Alves loves seeing the couple work on scenes, he knows that the best parts of their partnership is off camera.

“That’s where the love really happens for these two. You can see how Carla really takes care of Tom and vice versa – I don’t think I’ve seen this couple not share a meal together on set. They would wait for each other even if one is already allowed to eat,” he said.

Benjamin Alves, Carla Abellana and Tom Rodriguez. Image: Instagram/@benxalves, @teampatdy

“And the best couples grow together, and these two have, as we’ve all witnessed. Tom would often tell me how Carla literally is the girl of his dreams. And now that woman is his wife,” he added.

Alves felt sorry that he wasn’t able to attend the couple’s wedding yesterday, Oct. 24, in Tagaytay, but he promised he’ll be there when they can all have dinner together.

“Congratulations to you, Tom and Carla. I wish brighter and sunnier days ahead. May your life be filled with roses and warm memories,” he greeted them. “I love you both.”

Meanwhile, Rodriguez replied and thanked him, saying “We love you!!! No actor’s [cue] needed [indeed]. Pagpunta ko pa lang ng church napapaluha na ako (I’ve been teary even as I was heading to the church) finally MARRIED!… See you soon when the dust settles, brotha!” JB


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